Monday 13 April 2015

The week that was: captured

 Last week we....

Spent time at the seaside. This was taken on Easter Sunday

Went on the Brighton Wheel

Got stuck on a bus forever in bad traffic on the way to meet a friend. We then went down to the coast only to find fog like no other! It was very strange and quite eerie, barely being able to see the pier and not even the sea at times!

Spent some time at Queen's park in Brighton, a park we had never visited before. One where we found a few ducks in the pond (rare to find in Brighton with all the seagulls).  

Sat in the garden. Here's toddler smelling the beautiful flowers that have popped up. I used a similar photo for my Silent Sunday Photo.

Watched the end of the Brighton Marathon and saw Peppa Pig running! Well done Peppa and to everyone else that took part! We got a wave from Peppa which toddler seemed simultaneously happy and a little confused about, a real life Peppa! I always get so inspired when I see people running the marathon and in the back (the very back) of my mind I think I'd like to do that some day. What a great route with the last mile or two by the coast and what a lovely sunny day for it!

Bought and sent some baby clothes & other bits to a lovely friend who has just given birth to a little baby boy. I wrote about her in a pregnancy post and can't believe she has had her baby already. He came a little early but he is fine now, I can't wait to meet him!

How was your week? What did you get up to?


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