Saturday 11 April 2015

A Ride on the Brighton Wheel

The view from the pier

Last weekend we went for a ride on the Brighton Wheel. Having been to so many of Brighton’s landmarks this was one thing we had yet to experience. Situated right next to the pier, the wheel was erected in 2011 so is a relatively new feature in the town. It was a cloudy day and I wasn’t too sure if that would hinder our experience but I’m pleased to say it didn’t at all! I also wasn’t sure if toddler would enjoy it. He’s nearly two and at his age some things can be a bit hit and miss. I thought he might find it a tad scary but he loved it up there. He loves the sea anyway - he’s actually becoming quite obsessed with visiting the seaside and mentions the word ‘seeeeaaaaaa’ several times a day - so getting an amazing view across the ocean was a big treat for him. Here are some photos of the ride.

View from the pier

When entering the capsule a photographer takes your photo so you feel like a VIP! Once inside I was surprised at how much space there is. From a distance, the capsules look quite small but can actually fit six adults in so with three of us there was plenty of room. With commentary and air conditioning, each capsule rotates fully at least three times round the wheel and rises 50 meters above sea level. 

Looking west towards the West Pier and Shoreham Power Station in the distance

Toddler loved looking out the window :)

View of the pier from the Brighton Wheel

It was a busy Saturday and from the wheel you could hear the sounds of people and fair rides coming from the pier. The photo above shows the end of the pier and some of the daring rides that people venture on!

Toddler enjoyed looking out to sea and was very excited to see so many pebbles from afar! 

The wide sea ahead

View from the capsule looking east towards Brighton Marina 

I had read some reviews prior to our visit with some stating that there wasn't much to see apart from the sea. For me, that was the biggest highlight! At the top, the sea looked amazing and, of course, much bigger than it usually does from shore, a view I could look at for hours. Seeing an aerial view of the pier was pretty spectacular as you get a better perspective of how long and big Brighton Pier actually is! There were some wonderful views of the West Pier and, in the far distance, Shoreham Power Station facing west and the marina and cliffs of the Seven Sisters facing east. It was also nice spotting other landmarks such as the Royal Pavilion and the South Downs in the distance.

Brighton Pier

A speed boat decided to do a loop around the pier, something that toddler was fascinated by.

Speed boat by the pier

Inland view of the Royal Pavilion
When leaving the photos that had been taken prior to our ride had been turned into a series of postcards, a magnet and keyring complete with a Brighton souvenir guide. A close up of toddler dominated the postcards with a series of colourful illustrations of the wheel. It's a lovely little momento of the trip. One of the postcards is now on the fridge door with toddler pointing to it every morning saying ‘wheeeeeel'! 

Brighton Wheel postcard souvenirs pack

We all had a lovely time and I’d love to go on again, possibly at sunset :)

*Many thanks to the Brighton Wheel for providing this experience in return for a review. All words and opinions are entirely my own.*

Have you been on the Brighton Wheel? What was your experience? What are the landmarks in your town?

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  1. Brighton is always very nice & cool place in England . It is the best place for relax our self ..Brighton wheel is amazing one in Brighton ...Really i enjoyed in Brighton Wheel . Nice Post. Images are superb ...Thanks for your sharing .... Every one Must Visit to brighton who want to enjoy yourself
    Brighton Taxi

    1. Thanks very much, Brighton is a great place to visit. I wouldn't mind another ride on the wheel :)

  2. Lovely! I haven't been because I wasn't sure you can see much. How long did the whole ride take?

  3. What lovely photos - I haven't been on the wheel on any of my visits (so far) but you get some great views. I'm intrigued by what you'll be able to see from the i360 tower once it opens too... #citytripping

  4. Love it! My kids both adore ferris wheels, they would get such a kick out of that. Sounds like you guys had a great time.

  5. Great views! I can understand why toddler enjoyed it so much. I don't remember seeing the wheel the last time I went to Brighton but looks like a great addition to the city. I STILL haven't been on the London eye - you've reminded me that I need to tick that off the list asap. Thanks for linking to #citytripping

  6. I've been to plenty of amusement parks, but never a seaside one. What fun.

  7. That's really funny that you live in Brighton but hadn't been on the wheel yet! Isn't that always the way when you live somewhere?! We took Tyler on it last year and he loved it! I love looking out at the sea and the fact you go around a few times. Ahhh I wished I lived by the seaside! xx

  8. Fantastic. I've been delaying taking our 2 year olds on the Brighton Wheel and London Eye for some time now just because I thought they'd get bored. Looks like it's a winner with the toddler set though! I love the sea too. I find it incredibly calming #myfavouritetrip

  9. Oh that looks like so much fun!! Gosh your toddler is super brave to be up so high in the Brighton Wheel, sure does look like the ocean is really big from up there, and the Brighton Pier looks so long :) Love the pictures of your ride, and having a postcard on the fridge is a super cool memory.

  10. What wonderful views! Glad your little one enjoyed it. Yes, I think a sunset trip would be pretty spectacular!
    Jenni x


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