Monday 22 May 2017

Five Things I Love About The Philippines

I visited the beautiful Philippines in 2010. My sister-in-law, Jenny, is from Manila and her and my brother got married out there. The rest of my family travelled to the Philippines to attend the wedding and explore the scenic country. I’ve travelled all over Asia but this was my first and only time in the Philippines and I’d love to return one day. Before visiting, I had heard so many great things about the country but I really had to experience it myself to see the true beauty of the country. Here are five things I love about the Philippines.

Monday 8 May 2017

Five Things To Book Before You Travel

Have you ever been abroad and found out the main attraction you wanted to visit was fully booked? Have you planned to visit a certain destination only to discover there is no way of getting there because the train or flights are full? I have experienced these things a few times and if I had been more organised I would not have missed out. I wrote about stress-free travel in a previous post and although I do love finding last-minute bargains, spontaneous travel and going with the flow, certain things need to be booked well in advance for a hassle-free trip.
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