Sunday 13 December 2020

5 easy Christmas crafts to make with kids

*This was originally posted in 2018 but thought I'd repost for all those crafty types! 

It's Christmas! Well, nearly! I wrote a post a few days ago on some of the things I want to do in December. One of the things I listed was spending some time getting crafty with Pip. I asked fellow bloggers for some easy craft ideas and have compiled a short list of 5 easy Christmas crafts to make with kids!

5 easy Christmas crafts to make with kids

1. Christmas Pom Poms

Pom-poms have to be amongst the most enjoyable things in the craft world. They are easy to make, simple to attach to each other and can look incredibly effective. They can be made in so many sizes and colours. - Jo, A Rose Tinted World. Read Jo's post on how to make a wreath, gardland and ornaments all from pom poms!

2. Christmas Wreath Paper Crafts 

We made some Christmas accordion wreaths from the template on Mrs Mactivity. "There’s a black and white plus a colour version. It’s really easy and good for fine motor skills too" says Emma from Mrs Mactivity. If you need more inspiration look at these free svg files that help with designing festive crafts, perfect for wreaths or any other paper displays.

3. Salt Dough Decorations

Salt dough creations are so easy and fun for the children to make and then paint when fully dry. I love ones that keep memories alive like this one of my 7 year olds little hand which we made when she was 3 and goes on the tree every year. Emma, The Money Whisperer

4. Santa/Snowman Toilet Paper Roll Craft 

These are easy to make with kids. Follow simple instructions on these two posts from Rim, Curious & Geeks: Santa – an easy toilet paper roll craft & Snowman Toilet paper rolls: Christmas crafts for kids.

5. A 3D Christmas Tree Decoration

Last year I made this 3D Christmas tree decoration with Pip when he was 4 years old. It can be made as a standing or hanging tree and was very easy to make. All your need is card, scissors, decorations/glitter and glue!

Lastly, if you want some Christmas card design ideas pop over to Su's blog post at Ethan & Evelyn!


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Thanks to all the bloggers who contributed their ideas to this blog post. I hope we've given you some inspiration! Happy Christmas crafting!

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  1. I miss making crafts like this with my kids. We don't seem to do this sort of thing any more - I need to remedy this! Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Thanks Elizabeth! Hope you get to do some crafting soon :)

  2. Some great ideas there! I love the little loo roll snow men, super cute!

  3. These all look such a lot of fun to make! I'll definitely be giving some of these a go in the next few weeks.

  4. I keep saying I need to try making my own pom poms but I never get round to them. I always made the toilet paper decorations though x

    1. Thanks Rhian, same here. Going to make an extra effort this year :)

  5. These are great craft ideas. I love the toilet roll ones, so simple for preschoolers

  6. Sweet ideas. I love the little pom pom Father Christmas heads. Will be referring back to this list when we break up from Nursery! :) x

  7. Oh these look awesome, I love the idea of crafting with the kids but get overwhelmed with the difficulty of it really easily. So these simple ideas are great for me and my kids.

  8. I've loved getting into craft this year especially this Christmas. No matter how old I get I still love a pompom!

  9. What gorgeous craft ideas <3 I've pinned so I can have a go at some of them with my two little monkeys :)

    Louise x


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