Tuesday 27 March 2018

Link-Ages Family Communication App Review

This month I have been reviewing the family communication app, Link-ages. It is an app that allows easy communication with family members, especially those who do not live close by. Its simple design is focused on older generations and it is advertised as bringing ‘instant, private and safe communication to the older or less experienced user’. The Link-ages app allows an unlimited number of family members to link to each profile and communication can be facilitated in several different ways. The app offers a great alternative to apps such as Facebook and Whatsapp in that it offers a secure connection, privacy and comes without adverts. There are three apps in total. The Link-ages Hub is downloaded by the older member of the family, Link-ages Go is used by all the other members of the family that wish to communicate with the hub user and Link-ages Shadow app is used to remotely manage the Hub.

Wednesday 14 March 2018

The Paris Guy Launch - fun guided tours in Paris

New Paris guided tours in the 'City of Light' 
Last summer we were fortunate to review the Venice Food Tour with the tour company, The Roman Guy! I had never been on a food tour previously and it was marvellous! Enough food and drink to last us all day and a great way to discover hidden gems with the guidance of a Venetian tour guide. Pip and his little friend came along on the 3-hour tour, and although I was worried if the tour would be suitable for four year olds, they both had a lot of fun! Always having a big appetite, Pip was in his element as we travelled through Venice on foot, from venue to venue, sampling the best food and snacks the city offers. For Pip, the highlight of the tour was eating a double scooped ice-cream from one of the best Gelato parlours in the city! For the adults, the highlights were sampling delicious local delicacies and drink, being shown hidden corners of Venice, learning new and wonderful facts throughout the tour and it was a fun way to be shown undiscovered parts of the city!

Monday 5 March 2018

Chinese New Year in London

A couple of weeks ago we travelled up to London to watch the Chinese New Year celebrations! This was the first time I had seen them in London and I wasn't expecting such huge crowds! But it was worth the trip. The celebrations included a vibrant and colourful parade in central London; starting in Trafalgar Square, travelling along Charing Cross Road up past Leicester Square station, turning into Shaftesbury Avenue and eventually reaching China Town. There were also traditional ceremonies in China Town itself including the 'Lion dance' where dancers dressed as lions visit local businesses that have left lettuce and red envelopes hanging in their doorways. The lions perform a dance to the beat of a drum outside each shop and finally eat the lettuce and red envelope, before spitting the lettuce out over the crowd symbolising the spread of good luck and fortune! It was an amazing tradition to watch. Meanwhile in Trafalgar Square, dancers, musicians and performers entertained the crowds from the main stage. Although cold, it was a lovely day out! I'm sharing some photos of the event and have included some handy tips for travelling in the future.   
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