Tuesday 28 April 2015

A week in Brighton

Another beautiful sunny day on Brighton Pier
Out and About
Last week started off with lots of sunshine and a trip on the Volk’s Electric Railway. It’s a little electric train that runs from the Brighton pier to the marina. The weather was gorgeous that day, we sat on the beach beforehand with Toddler wearing his brand new and first pair of green crocs! He looks great in them and they are super practical on the pebbles. I will write about the train trip in detail in a separate post. I'll just say that we had never been on and Toddler absolutely loved it.  

On the Volk's train
We have been going to a toddler craft class for the past few weeks and we're enjoying them more and more. There is painting, craft making, messy play, sensory play, singing, story time, coffee & biscuits! What more could you ask for? My Silent Sunday photo is a moment in the class when Toddler is painting and here is his finished masterpiece. What do you think? An artist in the making?  

Toddler's masterpiece
On Saturday I went into Worthing (another coastal town not too far from Brighton) to meet a couple of fellow bloggers; Catherine from Mama vs Teacher and Lauren from Belle du Brighton and their little cuties. There were three toddlers and a newborn so I thought we did quite well having a decent conversation! It was my first time meeting Catherine and it’s always lovely to meet local bloggers, especially those whose blogs I read regularly. We chatted about life, work, toddlers and blogging!
Toddler went on the swings, slide and roundabout with the others and then became fixated on pushing his own buggy around the park, which he has become a little obsessed with recently! Later on we went into town for a spot of lunch, a stroll along the pier and a walk into town. Worthing has a completely different vibe to Brighton and it was nice to be somewhere a bit quieter at the weekend. The pier was deserted compared to Brighton's pier which is always full of life. But they do have a Peppa pig ride which Toddler was very excited about. I was hoping Toddler would fall asleep at some point and he eventually did which meant I had a bit of time for shopping :)

Worthing Pier (notice the difference with the Brighton Pier)

Always time for a ride on Peppa Pig & George :)

Fun at home
There has been a lot of jumping on the bed this week, Toddler’s new favourite activity! We've spent more time in the garden enjoying the warmer weather.

Time for me
Not much this week. Toddler’s daddy has been away for most of the week so I have been sailing the boat solo! That’s why there haven’t been many posts recently, I haven't had much time with a very active toddler keeping me on my toes!

My Happiest Moment
Laughing along with toddler. His cheeky sense of humour is developing and as he's talking more he's been saying some funny things. He's also been doing his over the top cheesy grin which always gets a laugh. I look at him a lot thinking how cute & sweet he is (most of the time!) :)

This week I’d like to…
Catch up on some me-time, some exercise, tidy the house (it's a mess!) and publish some more blog posts. 

What have you been up to this week?


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