Thursday 2 April 2015

A photo of me

Since I started blogging in September I have been writing anonymously, without names or photos of myself and only the back shots of toddler. I wasn't too sure about blogging let alone putting a photo out there for everyone to see however, I mentioned in my six months of blogging post that I was thinking about adding some photos. So here they are, eek!

On our first holiday as a trio in the Isle of Wight when baby was three months 

It's actually been really good fun blogging anonymously and definitely beneficial. I told very few people about my blog at the beginning and it gave me the freedom to write about anything I chose and to feel that I could write freely if I wanted to. I'm quite a private person and while I don't mind expressing my views and thoughts, sharing photos of me, and especially my little boy, is quite a big thing. Still, only a handful of friends know about this blog.

Now though, having worked with brands and attended blogging events, sometimes with my little boy, I am meeting more bloggers in person. I am also attending my first blogging conference, BritMums in June and realised that no-one would recognise me without a photo! To be honest, I am surprised I have so many readers without showing any photographs as I do love viewing family photos on other blogs. I guess it shows that it really doesn't matter what the person looks like, it's the voice behind the blog that counts! I hope though that any of my regular readers (if there are any haha) can feel a little more connected to me now, in some way. It took a while to find some decent photographs though! As he's 'our seaside baby' I wanted to find a good one on the beach. 

Last year in the West Witterings

As I mentioned before, my name is Polly but I think I will still keep toddler's name hidden, for now at least. Here's a photo of him from last year, isn't he a cutie :) If you're going to BritMums and see me, please come and say hello, I'd love to meet you. 

How much information do you share on your blog? Are you going to Britmums? 

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