Sunday, 19 April 2015

This Week in April

Out and About

This week the weather has been absolutely gorgeous, so warm and sunny. We have been to the seaside, to the park a couple of times and to playgroup. I met up with a mummy friend and her little girl who we hadn't seen in ages. Toddler and her have known each other since they were born and are so in love so there were lots of cuddles and kisses. It was so sweet to watch! 

On the way to the park, toddler running ahead

On Wednesday I went to a bloggers event at the Great Expectations shop in Brighton, an independent boutique selling baby & toddler products including a great selection of buggies, carseats and baby carriers. The store has just had a lovely refit so I went to look at their new stock and chat to the other bloggers including Lauren from Belle Du Brighton and Chelle from The Mumington Post

Great Expectations in Brighton 

Stokke Products at Great Expectations

I met Lauren's two little ones, Athena who is the same age as toddler (just a few days apart) and her gorgeous little newborn, Arlo, who's just 2 weeks old! Toddler and Athena 'bonded' meaning they looked at each other a lot and enjoyed 'exploring' the shop. 

Athena and Toddler

We had been to Great Expectations to buy a sling when toddler was just a few weeks ago. That feels like ages ago now! So although toddler is nearly two there were still products suitable for this age. One thing I was attracted to was the Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair. Toddler usually sits in a highchair around the table but, because of the way it's designed, it doesn't slide under the table so he's always at a bit of a distance away. With the Stokke high chair he could sit at the table and wouldn't need a tray anymore. Gosh, he's a big boy now, sob sob. Toddler gave the seat a try and he seemed very comfortable and happy in it. If I had been familiar with this chair when toddler was born I probably would have bought it back then as you can buy different accessories and use it from newborn. The chair adjusts to your child's age so can last years, looks pretty stylish and comes in many colours. It's quite expensive but it has so many good reviews so I'm thinking seriously about getting one. 

Fun at Home

We spent more time in the garden this week. All the tulips have come out and are a lovely vibrant red and there is colour everywhere. I’ve taken so many photos of the flowers I had trouble choosing one for my Silent Sunday Photo. I’ve been tidying the garden up some more, doing a little here and there. 

In the garden

Time for me

Today I visited a pregnant friend who is about to give birth. It seems nearly everyone I know is pregnant or has a newborn at the moment! Toddler was with his daddy so I had some true me-time. We had a lovely pub lunch, sitting outside in the (mostly) sunshine and sipping a glass of wine (me at least) :) 

My Happiest Moment

Toddler has been so chirpy and happy this week, maybe it’s to do with the warmer weather? He’s been laughing loads, singing, talking so much and putting on this over the top smile which is hilarious and never fails to make me laugh! 

Many thanks to Great Expectations for providing cake and the wonderful gift bag which contained some very useful products for toddler!

How was your week? What have you been up to?

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