Wednesday 5 November 2014

A letter to my 16 month old

Dear baby boy,

You are 16 months now. I can’t believe how quickly you’ve grown. I know I say that every single month but it’s still true. I still call you a baby but I guess you are a toddler now. To me though you’re still my baby. Your face is all chubby and baby-like still. I still breastfeed you and then you still look like a baby. When you’re teething and in pain, you cry and your poor little face is so sad and that’s when you still look like a baby too. So that’s why I call you ‘baby’ in this blog. 

This month you have discovered puddles and the fun of running in mud (lots of clothes washing recently!), you have learnt to walk backwards and you can turn around on demand (full 360 degree circle). You have suddenly become so quick on your feet. You’ve been walking for months but now you are running! It is a little scary. If I turn by back for just a second you are on the other side of the room or field when I turn back! You’ve started dancing this month which is very cute. Maybe that’s because I’m introducing you to more adult music, especially Florence and the Machine!

You have always had a big appetite and sometimes I am at a loss over what to give you for the next meal. You have become a little picky with certain foods and will make it clear you don’t like something by throwing it on the kitchen floor. That’s why I am forever brushing, cleaning and tidying up after you. I used to say ‘no’ but you would think this was a game and start laughing so I don’t bother anymore. Strawberries and bananas are your favourite foods. If you could, you’d eat a million tonnes in one setting. Your favourite dinners are pasta or something with rice. You’ve gone off mushrooms and even mango but you still love broccoli and you’ve become a great fan of peas! What a healthy little boy you are. 

You love your books, you are pretty much obsessed with them. You demand that I read to you at least twenty times a day, and sometimes it is the same book over and over again. I guess I can’t complain because your books are great! They’ve full of fantastic illustrations and beautiful colours and lovely little stories. You also love trucks, cars, bikes, musical instruments and wooden spoons!

For the past couple of months you’ve understood the word ‘cuddles’ and will give me cuddles whenever I ask (unless you’re in a bad mood) and this is wonderful. Sometimes you wrap your arms around me so tight and give me the biggest hug that I nearly melt! You are also very generous with your kisses. You love kissing other babies but especially children between the ages of 2-8 years. Sometimes it can be a little embarrassing when you go up to a random child at play group and start hugging them but you’re such an affectionate little boy. You would love an older brother or sister but you are lucky that you have lots of baby friends and cousins to play with and of course, us! You laugh more with your daddy then you do with me but I don’t mind as your laughter is infectious!

You are the sweetest boy and I love you more than words can describe.

All my love,


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