Thursday 20 November 2014

Getting back into reading fiction - an early New Year’s resolution!

I used to be quite a reader. I belonged to a book group and we’d read a book every month then meet over a drink to discuss it. Our group was pretty casual really. We’d meet in a pub or at someone's house and I’d enjoy hearing everyone’s opinion on the book, analysing the characters in more detail and reflecting on the storyline. Some of the time we had completely different views but I loved this part of the review process. A book can be interpreted in so many ways and what one person can think is an amazing piece of literature can be utter drivel for someone else! This made those chats stimulating and usually quite entertaining.

Books I've read on Goodreads

Then I had a baby…..! I was reading all through pregnancy (I probably knew I wouldn’t get much chance after baby was born) but have not read a single novel since giving birth. What I have read is a lot of baby books, newspapers, magazines, blog posts, articles and anything that I can generally read in a short pace of time usually before baby wakes from his nap. When baby was younger I found that in the evening I was too exhausted to do anything however, now he is 17 months and in a good bedtime routine I don’t have any more excuses left!

Here’s why I want to get back into reading:

1. Jade from Bits and Bobs has inspired me to start reading fiction again. Her blog includes interesting and personal book reviews and general reading posts. She is mummy to a lovely little boy and her blog contains a bit of everything. It’s quite refreshing to read something that is a little different to a lot of the parenting blogs out there.

2. I am a ‘stay at home mum’ and after a tough day where I want to pull my hair out submerging myself into a book will put me into another world.

3. I miss the routine of reading a book just before bedtime. It’s relaxing and will make sleep better.

4. Like watching a good film I want to immerse myself in a good book, get hooked on the storyline, be riveted by the characters and never want to put the book down. 

5. I am so over baby books and need some adult fiction back in my life!

6. Reading and finishing a book is a satisfying experience especially if it’s a good read and I’ve missed that feeling.

7. The time I spend browsing randomly on the internet can be better spent on reading fiction!  

8. There are many books that have been sitting on our bookshelves which I have been meaning to read. 

9. I have set up a Good Reads profile (widget also added in sidebar) and it’s a great place to list all of the books you’ve read, want to read and contains wonderful recommendations for future books which I'd like to read.

10. There is no time like the present!!!

So tonight I’m going to start reading One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. This has been on our bookshelf for ever and I’ve been meaning to read it for years!

Would love to hear your suggestions/recommendations for future books! 

Have you had a break from reading? What books would you recommend?

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