Tuesday 10 March 2015

A letter to my 20 month old

Dear baby boy,

You are 20 months now and you are growing and changing by the day. You have suddenly increased in size again. You look huge! You must be going through another growth spurt. You are still a baby but at the same time you are a little boy! I can’t quite get around the fact that you’re going to be two soon, two years old, gulp! I am just getting used to having a one year old and now you’ll be two? This is difficult to comprehend. Your birth does feel like years ago but then again I could probably go through the exact details as if it were yesterday. I’m not sure how I feel about you turning two, I’m in between sadness and happiness. Sadness that you’re growing up and aren’t a little baby and that those days went by far too quickly but then happiness that you’re growing and doing all these wonderful things like running & talking and developing your own very cheeky sense of humour. 

So what have you been doing these last couple of months? Well, you know so many words now. You are particularly good at two syllable words that end in -ble or -ple such as pebble, purple and bubble. You say ‘more’ a lot, especially at meal times and like saying diiiiirrrttyy when you have some mud on your hands. You love saying ‘Gooooooorrrrr’ for George, as in George from Peppa Pig, and still mutter ‘yeah!’ with such excitement. You are coming out with random words each day. This morning you said ‘hippo’ for the first time and you are now beginning to link words together. The first time you joined two words was when you said ‘Daddy work’. This month you have also suddenly advanced in distinguishing between colours. You know blue, red, yellow, purple and black. I thought you were just guessing at first but nope you can say them and spot them! You are so cheeky & clever! 

Amazingly your temper tantrums have subsided (result!) as long as I have food, a toy or a lot of patience and energy nearby, which is sometimes easier said than done! However, your impatience has taken a turn for the worse (you get that after your father)! When you are in your buggy if I so much as stop for a second you start crying/complaining because you want to get on and see your pushchair wheels spinning! You are also the same at meal times. If I don’t have the food right there when you want it you cling onto my leg and demand I give you the uncooked food! Snacks have become my saviour.

You love running and exploring. I cant wait for the weather to get a bit warmer so we can explore more of the countryside around Brighton. You were too young last year but this year we could probably get by without the buggy (brave words I know). You have so much fun running down hills so the South Downs is perfect, haha! At the weekend we saw your little cousin who is three years older than you. You are besotted with him and whenever we see him your face lights up in amazement. You kiss him, laugh at him and find it hilarious when he does something silly like squirt water out of his mouth or swirl a shirt around his head! You also love rolling on top of him and generally hugging him and looking up at him in fascination. It makes all the adults watching you laugh. You’re such a funny boy.

Your hair is long now, and you still haven't had your first hair cut. I don't think I could cut off your beautiful curls so they’re staying for the time being! You still have such a cute chubby baby face, I am still forever kissing you. And if I’m lucky you kiss me back. You’re more into cuddly toys this month. You wouldn’t let me leave a book shop recently without a George Pig cuddly toy. I know, I’m a sucker but you love George! We don’t watch Peppa Pig much but you have a Peppa Pig ball, some George Pig pyjamas, a small Peppa Pig plastic toy and now a George cuddly toy and you love them all! You also adore your lion cuddly toy and, of course, Scout the puppy, your fantastic sleeping buddy, that magically sends you off to sleep. 

You're growing bigger and bigger by the day but you’re still my baby. I’m so proud of you and still so in awe of you. 

All my love,

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Do you write letters to your children? How has your little one developed in the last few months? 

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  1. This is lovely :) I can picture exactly what he is like from your words. Your little one sounds like such a cutie, snacks often save the day in this household too ;)
    You live in such a great area for being out and about being by the sea is great for kids and good for the soul.
    xx Really enjoy your posts


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