Tuesday 11 November 2014

A tale of two (friends’) pregnancies

A few weeks ago something strange and wonderful happened. My two friends from secondary school who I have both know since I was eleven told me they were pregnant on the same day! Neither knew about the other so it was amazing getting this double load of good news on one day! What are the chances hey? One friend told me her good news in person as I happened to be seeing her that night and the other over the phone. It was amazing hearing this special news from people I have known forever. I was and am so excited for both of them.

It reminded me of how I felt at around the same time. We had been trying for a while and I wanted a baby so much so when I finally got pregnant I couldn’t believe it. It felt magical, like a miracle and I was grinning from ear to ear. That time was a turning point in our lives, full of enthusiasm and anticipation. We were elated! We were having a baby! A baby of our own, our child! A bundle of joy. See, I still can’t believe now it even though our baby is 17 months old! 

I probably overloaded my friend that evening with too many questions. Have you thought about the birth? How are you going to decorate the room? Will you plan to breastfeed? Have you thought of names? Are you craving anything? I had nearly forgotten how bad morning sickness is. I have no idea why because I felt sick for weeks and could barely eat anything apart from ginger biscuits which I have not eaten at any other time in my life! I remember my trip to work being hellish. Having to stand on an overcrowded train in rush hour with morning sickness is not a good combination especially when people are unaware you are pregnant. I had forgotten that those first few months can be tough! I remember being absolutely exhausted at this time too. I reassured each friend telling them the second trimester is much better. Energy levels rise, you're more relaxed, you'll enjoy the new bump and you'll feel that little baby kick! :)

Both told me quite early on so they wanted to keep the news quiet until they had had the first scan and everything was fine. I remember worrying too. I found out I was pregnant very early on so waiting for that first scan at 13 weeks felt like an eternity. I wanted to celebrate with everyone and dance around in the street screaming with joy that I was pregnant but at the same time I knew so many people that had suffered some kind of loss and that scared me. When we did have the first scan it was a huge relief. It was also absolutely amazing, seeing a little baby on the screen, healthy, happy, so tiny but so well-formed already. It was 
one of the best days of my life!!! :D

Both friends have now had their scans and all is well. It’s such an exciting time for them and it’s wonderful watching their journeys into motherhood.

What do you remember from those early days? If you don't have children what do you expect those first few weeks will be like? Would love to hear your views :) 
BFP = Big fat positive (pregnancy test)

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  1. I am a person who don't get excited easily. Even during my wedding I was so neutral in my emotions. But when I first heard my baby's heartbeat it was amazing. I had mixed feelings of all possible emotions on earth. It was wonderful. I grew without mother's love, knowing I am going to be a mom was the best feelings I have had till now. Now my princess is 3 months old. Happy mom I am.

  2. Wish your friends all the good luck in the world.


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