Saturday 21 March 2015

Six months of blogging

It’s my half a year blogiversary, yay! My very first blog post was back in September about our ‘seaside baby’. It was short but sweet and shows how much my posts have lengthened over time haha! After one month I wrote about my blogging experiences and I remember the first couple of months going quite slowly as I was getting to grips with everything connected to this new and exciting world of blogging! Then months flew by and before you know it here I am at the six month mark. I thought I’d document a few things about where I am right now.


I’ve mentioned before that I have always loved writing and, of course, all bloggers do. It’s great to write about whatever I want and I have so many ideas for future posts. They include child development, travelling with babies, breastfeeding, working in a refugee camp, many more toddler related posts (books, play, activities), days out, additional recipes, the list goes on and on! It’s just finding the time. But these will all come eventually I hope. Watch this space! ;)


When a post goes live I can see how many page views it gets but feedback is crucial to see what other people think and if anyone can relate to what I’ve written. Thankfully, I’ve had some lovely comments on this blog. I have some regular readers and others who drop by now and again and want to say thanks so much to all of you for reading & commenting. You make such a big difference to each post and blogging in general!


As much as I love writing I also love reading and in the last six months I have come across so many amazing blogs, from the little newbies to the big shots - they all interest me. There are several blogs I read on a regular basis and others I find through things like linkies. I wish I had more time to read all of these wonderful posts, all of the experiences people have had, some of which are so inspirational or hilarious, while others are heartbreakingly sad. There are also blogs that talk about daily life bringing up a baby that I can so relate to!


Along with blogging comes the creatively. I’ve said before I love taking photographs and would like to develop these skills. There are also loads of design changes I would like to make to my blog but when it comes to the technical side of blogging I don’t have much clue what I’m doing! I can sit down and figure it out eventually but again it’s finding the time. I need a PA, haha!

Finding the time 

Any blogger will know that maintaining a blog is a time-consuming activity. It’s not just writing but taking photographs, editing, promoting, commenting, joining a linky, ‘keeping up’ on social media as well as being in contact with brands etc. All of these could be a full-on day job in themselves and I really don’t know how some people do it. I blog when toddler is either napping or in the evening once he’s asleep. However, this means eating into my ‘free’ time. I guess it’s about finding a balance and writing as much or as little as you want!

Working with brands 

I’ve been fortunate to work with lots of brands including reviewing businesses that are based locally. Some of these opportunities came my way (at the beginning I was surprised how they even found me) and some are requests I have applied to or just emailed and asked myself. I’ve also been lucky to do a couple of paid posts. It’s great to work with organisations and I look forward to future opportunities. 

Blogging anonymously 

I am still blogging anonymously although if you’ve chatted to me on any format you probably know my name, Polly . I’ve decided not to continue blogging anonymously for several reasons and have been meaning to add some photos - these will come soon! Saying that though it has been quite nice to blog anonymously while starting out and getting to grips with everything. To me, the internet is a little scary, everything going online for anyone to see and read. So, if you’re not sure about it all I would definitely say start off anonymously and then you always have the option of adding personal information later!

Social Networking 

I’m on several social networking sites (buttons on this page). I have to say I love using twitter the most, I really enjoy ‘talking’ to other bloggers on there and find it the easiest and most efficient social network. I had a fantastic time hosting my first twitter chat, as part of the #pbloggers network. I don’t have Instagram as yet but hoping to get that soon with a phone camera that works! Watch out for lots of future pics of the seaside!

Meeting bloggers 

I have met a few Brighton based bloggers and went to my first blogger meet up back in November. I have even recognised a couple of bloggers outside randomly! It's lovely to meet bloggers and I'd love to meet more, especially those whose blogs I read on a regular basis! 


The Tots100 is a ranking system of parenting blogs in the UK. This week the March scores came out and I have risen 243 places to 978. This means I’m in the top 1000 of over 8000 parenting blogs in the UK, yay! I’m so happy by this news. I also reached over 2000 followers on twitter so this week has been great for stats in general! I know stats aren’t the be all and end all and success can be measured in so many ways but it’s also nice to have something to compare to and I’m a bit of sucker for stats.

My first blogging conference

I have signed up to my first blogging conference! I’m going to the BritMums Brilliance in Blogging Awards, that take place in June. The nominations are currently open and I qualify under the ‘Fresh Voice’ category in the blogging awards. I haven’t been blogging for long and know I’m up against so many other wonderful newbies but if you’ve liked my posts and fancy giving me a vote it would be much appreciated. Just click here to vote. Thank you!

Finally… (told you my posts are getting longer & longer!)

In the next six months I’d like to:

Write many more blog posts, continue discovering wonderful blogs, work with new brands, meet other bloggers, enjoy BritMums, possibly attend other events, find more of a life/blogging balance and most of all continue to enjoy this wonderful world of blogging.

How long have you been blogging? What are your blogging goals? Are you going to Britmums?

Thanks for reading 
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