Sunday 31 January 2016

My January Update

I've decided to start doing little monthly updates to share what I've been up to and to keep a record for myself as I often forget small details. These will be nice to look back on at the end of the year. I'll separate these into life and blog updates. So here they are:

Blog Update

- I made it into the top 500 of the Tots100, a ranking system with over 8,000 parent bloggers. I am so excited! I've been lingering just outside for the last few months and am finally in, yay! I'm also ranked at 70 in the Trips100.
- I was highlighted in the #LittleFierceOnes community on Instagram. I take a lot of photographs, they are all over my blog and I love using Instagram so it's nice to have a photograph recognised. Thanks very much Amy at Mr and Mrs T plus three for choosing me!
- I have received many requests for sponsored posts this month, more than ever before. Other than the money element it's always nice for an email to drop into your inbox from someone that wants to work with you. It's made me wonder if I could potentially make a full-time living from blogging.
- Other opportunities have been coming out of blogging, one in particular which is very exciting indeed! I'm not sure if it will go ahead but watch this space, haha!
- My letter to my two year old was featured in FabFridayPost linky. The letters to my little boy are my most enjoyable posts to write so it's lovely to have one featured.
- I started this year with my post about my one word theme: 'change' and have been incorporating that into my life.
- I decided to take part in the #take12trips challenge and explained why in this post. The first trip of the month was to Devil's Dyke on a rather cold & wet day. I've discovered many inspirational travel bloggers that have travelled the world with small children. It gives me a bit more confidence in doing it myself.
- I wrote about my dad for the first time, remembering him 17 years on, a very personal post.
- My social media followers are growing to about 9000 with nearly 5000 on twitter.
- I've read so many blogs this past month but the posts I've enjoyed the most are those from Jade at Captured by Jade with her stunning photography from Wales, Alice from New Young Mum on her outdoor adventures with little Amelia, Tony at Papa Tont on thought-provoking posts including honesty and how much we decide to share and this beautiful and inspirational post from Larger Family Life giving 50 amazing reasons to travel with kids!
- Last but not least I've started a new travel/photo linky #MyFavouriteTrip for trips big and small! If you've written about a trip please do link up. I'm excited that Truprint are my sponsor and are giving away a £20 gift voucher each week to my chosen winner :)

Life Update

- I took my little boy on a trip to London to meet friends. We had lunch in Hyde Park and went for a trip to the fantastic Science Museum, where we could easily have spent the whole day!
- As my theme for the year is 'change' I've made little changes here and there, in my life, in my home and in my mindset.
- I started a mindfulness course this month which has been eye-opening! I'll write about it when it's finished but for now I am already noticing things I didn't before.
- Some friends came down to visit and we were tourists for the day, walking along the lanes and even had a stroll around the pier on another chilly and windy day.
- After a lot of rain we've also had a few sunny days thankfully! We spent some of those at the seaside.
- My little boy has grown at a rapid rate this month. He had his hair cut and looks much older now, sob. I'm hoping his curls will grow back soon. He is talking loads in such a grown up voice and coming out with all types of things. I'm thankful I can spend a lot of time with him because he will be all grown up before I know it!
- We have started going to a regular toddler swim class which is wonderful. He was so excited when we went this week, he's learnt to float by himself in the water which is so funny to see. I really enjoy the classes too.
- I have been doing more freelance work which has been great but I am struggling with that elusive work/life/childcare balance.
- I have not been getting enough sleep this month mostly because I've been working late into the night and feel there are not enough hours in the day.
- I've been trying to be a bit tidier this month & make the house nicer in general. I've bought some little bits, some colourful patterned cushions & plant pots for the kitchen.

I'm sure I've missed things out but don't want to bore you all with too much detail (if you've read all the way to here that is)! Gosh, now that I've written it all down it seems like I've had a very busy month when actually it hasn't felt like it at all. I'm surprised by how much I've done and I suppose that's the good thing about writing it all down, another way to keep mindful of the things we do. My main aim for February is to get more sleep! :-)

What have you been up to this month? Would love to hear what you've been doing.



  1. So exciting and inspiring! Are you still a SAHM? We should totally have a play date (not just because I'm hoping some of your sparkle will rub off on me :))

  2. What a wonderful post and such an honour to have been a part of it - thank you! I look forward to seeing how your plans shape up - including the sleep one!

  3. Well, someone has been a busy bee!

    Congratulations on all the success you've had off the back of your blog, Polly. You've worked so hard and share some amazing content. You mentioned my photography, but I'm always admiring yours here and on Instagram. I love the seaside and don't get there nearly enough now... We're actually venturing to Brighton in May (all booked now!) and you've definitely inspired me for photography whilst there.

    Did your son enjoy the Science Museum? I want to take Alexander on a trip to London to visit the museums and such that I enjoyed during my childhood but I don't know if his a tad young. It sounds like you had fun so maybe I should stop being worried and just do it!

    It's funny how a haircut can change a child's appearance so easily. Alexander has curls and we've kept them short since he was about one, but I much prefer the curly look and so we aren't cutting them at the same regularity now. He loves his curls too! When his hair is shorter though he looks so much older!

    I'd love to hear a little more about your mindfulness course.

    Good luck with getting more sleep - I hope a balance is equalled out soon!

  4. Ah it does sound like you have had a busy month even if it didn't feel like it! And I know what you mean about sleep, I feel like I rarely get enough as there is just far too much to do every day... Congrats btw on the Tots ranking, must have been a great feeling :) and in the collaboration opportunities, I've had a really cool offer in too recently and very excited about it :)

    Thanks for linking to #mymonthlyroundup and hope to see some of your future updates too over there :)


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