Friday 15 January 2016

In My Toddler's Bedroom

I thought I would share some of the things in my little boy's bedroom. He's two and a half now and his bedroom has changed little in over a year. I do love the design of it and if you read my blog regularly you'll know I love colour. I'm not really a fan of blue vs pink so his room is neutral. The walls are a shade of yellow, his cot is white, the rug is beige but it has bursts of colour around the room. Here's some of the things his room includes: 

Paper Circle Mobile

I made this paper circle mobile myself when toddler was about a year old. It did take a while to make but was totally worth it. A slight breeze or blowing on it will either make it sway or spin. It's at an angle above his cot so he can see it if he's lying down. It brightens up the room, adds colour and is just pretty to look at. If you're a crafty type and fancy a little project you can make paper mobiles into planes, air balloons, birds, elephants, anything you can think of really!


My little boy is still in his cot and despite being very tall for his age there is still quite a bit of room left. I'm liking it for now as he can't get out and I think once he's in a bed there may be some attempts to come into my bed! His cot was purchased from Mothercare for around £60 three years ago and it has lasted so well especially with all that jumping! I decorated it with stickers when toddler was a baby and now he has an owl pillow and falls asleep with a selection of toys and teddy bears :) I was given a secondhand John Lewis Toddler bed some months ago and am looking forward to using it when he moves into his 'big boy's bed'. 

Wall Art

I discovered the French company Djeco when I was pregnant and love their beautiful wall stickers, lamps and craft kits. Toddler has the tree/bird stickers above his cot and I love these. He also has a height chart in the corner of his bedroom with safari animals on & these colourful curtains where he goes along naming all the animals. 

Light Shade

The main lamp is a plain blue one with some stickers added to it. It's quite subtle but again adds a dimension of colour to the room. I also purchased the Djeco lamp shade but loved it so much ended up putting it in my room! Toddler became scared of the dark a couple of months ago so I usually leave the light on until he falls asleep but have been meaning to buy a night or lava lamp. This star lamp from Ikea is cute. If you're looking for boys bedroom ideas have a look at the Homify website, full of some amazing ideas and inspiration.

What's in your kids bedroom?
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  1. Ah, I love your little ones room - bright and colourful! I especially like the hand made mobile and that beautiful lightshade.

    Alexander moved in to his toddler bed once he turned two, he does still have a thing on the side though to minimise climbing out. He's done surprisingly well in there though, especially given his cheeky behaviour, because he knows he climb on to his trunk at the end of his bed and get out, but he hasn't.... Yet!

    1. Thanks so much Jade, I do love colour! Wow, I'm amazed that Alexander hasn't tried to escape. Lovely to hear it's all going well. They are growing up too quickly aren't they xx


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