Saturday 15 August 2015

The Royal Pavilion: My August Photo #15

My photo of today is of the Royal Pavilion. I've included different views of the Pavilion in my Silent Sunday Series at different angles and from the front and the back. I think my favourite is the one I took from the road just outside the Pavilion where you can get a great view of nearly the whole building. I quite like these angle shots though because I can catch what you don't usually see in photos of the building like this pretty pond that lies on the edge of the grounds. Have you been to the Pavilion? What's your favourite view?

I'm posting a photo a day throughout August. Have you got a photo you would like to share? Come and link up to #MyAugustPhoto linky

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  1. Capturing the same scene from various angles is always interesting - I really like this particular angle with the pond in shot, as you mentioned.

    Despite my numerous trips to Brighton I've never actually stepped foot inside, or even close, to the Royal Pavilion - I've only seen it in passing. It is on my to see list!

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