Monday, 24 August 2015

A Little Robin: My August Photo #24

Here are two photos I took of a little Robin recently, the bird that is so recognisable for its red breast and so popular in the Christmas season. These photographs look rather Christmassy with the berries in the background but they were taken just a couple of weeks ago on my trip to Cambridge. This little Robin perched on a tree right in front of us so I had time to take some photos, although it was reaching sunset so the pictures are a little dark. Did you know a Robin's lifespan is just 13 months :( Such a beautiful bird.

 Glimmer of Hope


  1. Beautiful picture! If you hadn't mentioned the picture being taken recently I would have definitely thought it was taken last a/w.

    I've been spotting robins a lot lately. I've taken a few pictures, but because they do remind me of the colder months I'm holding off sharing them until then.

    I had no idea about the life span!

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  2. What a lovely picture of the red robin!


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