Saturday 8 August 2015

London: My August Photo #8

A couple of weeks ago I was passing through London with toddler. We had been to visit family and I decided we would take a little break on the way back to Brighton along the South Bank. It was lovely. I spent many years in London living and working there as well as studying for my undergraduate degree at UCL so it's always nice to visit! I do get a little overwhelmed with how many people there are sometimes but on this particular day it wasn't too crowded at all. In fact it was ideal. This photo was taken outside the Tate Modern by the Thames. We had walked past St Pauls and come across the Millennium Bridge with toddler pushing his own buggy all the way over! We watched some buskers with toddler bouncing up and down to the music and people commenting on how cute he was. Then we saw this, the man making lots of bubbles with a whole load of kids trying to catch them! I love this photo, it really captures the amazing atmosphere in London and of that day in particular :)

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  1. Oh I would love to have a go at making one of those bubbles.
    A great action shot and I love the guy spellbound in the background.
    Have a great Sunday

    1. Thanks very much Neesie. Same here, I'd love a go. Very true about the guy in the background :)

  2. Hiw fun - what a racquet those bubble guys got onto - my youngest is obsessed!

  3. I love the South Bank too - bubbles are great, they had them at Elderflower Fields festival at the weekend and the kids went wild! Sarah

  4. It's always a thrill to see those supersized bubbles!

  5. It is universal! It seems all kids love bubbles.

  6. I remember you sharing this back last August and thought how great a picture it is. You've beautifully captured the fascination children, and often adults too, have with bubbles. The large bubbles are indeed impressive!

  7. This is such a beautiful photo! What a great capture! I love walking along the South Bank too - it is gorgeous there. Busy - but. Thank you for hosting. xx


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