Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Focus: My August Photo #11

Here's another photograph from our trip to Kipling Gardens. I was experimenting with the focus using the aperture setting on my DSLR so took many shots of these flowers. There are some similar photos with the flower in the foreground in focus but I chose this one because it was a little different and as well as seeing the detail in the flower in the background it also brings more attention to the light bouncing off the leaves. I thought about disregarding this because of the haze from the sunshine but actually that brings out the atmosphere of the gardens that day; the summer sun low in the sky on a Sunday afternoon. What do you think of the photo? Would love to hear your opinions! :) 

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  1. Beautiful photo, I love pictures of flowers. I never found them particularly interesting but now I'm a huge fan. Great shot! #PointShoot

    1. Thanks very much. I'm the same. I love taking close-ups of flowers, seeing them in their full glory :)


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