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July Degustabox Review

Last month I was sent another Degustabox to review. I love receiving these boxes in the post and who would think a box of food and drink would cause so much excitement? Well, it does! When I begin to open it up my little boy also gets excited and starts helping me with the unwrapping, eager to see what’s inside, it’s cute to watch! 

Degustabox is a subscription service that sends out a surprise selection of food and drink products each month. In every box, there are between 9-14 items, many of which are completely new to the market and you don’t know what’s in the box until it arrives. Each box costs £12.99 including delivery. Buying the same items separately from the supermarket would cost a lot more so Degustabox is great value for money. 

Lambrini: So Strawberry
There were a lot of drinks in July’s box and it’s always nice to sample new products. The last time I had Lambrini was many many years ago but it was nice to try this new sparkling fruit wine. It was fruity and refreshing, a bit like lemonade!

Newton’s Appl Fizzics
One of my favourite choices for drinks is apple juice so I was quite excited to see this in the box. This is a mixture of apple juice and sparkling water which is completely natural! There is no added sugar, artificial ingredients or preservatives. It was very tasty, I would definitely buy it in the future.

Weetabix: On the Go x 2
I was a little dubious of the Weetabox on the Go breakfast drinks as I always think it’s better to have a breakfast of food. However, I really enjoyed these and they are very filling! They tasted like a very thick milkshake. I had two flavours, vanilla and chocolate and preferred the latter (because I love chocolate)!

Say Yes to No
I wasn’t expecting too much from the Say Yes to No for some reason but they really surprised me. Yummy sour cream and onion toasted bread chips which are actually more like crisps!

Taking the Pea
These little snacks are suitable for vegans including the smoked ham variety. They were quite nice although I wasn't too sure about the flavour. Perhaps the others would appeal to me more?

Tasty Little Numbers x 2
The Tasty Little Numbers ready meals came in two varieties; chicken tikka masala and chilli beef con carne. I don’t eat meat or have a microwave so these weren’t very good for me unfortunately, however, I did pass onto a friend who said they were very tasty! 

Fru Snax x 2
The Fru Snax packets consisted of strawberry slices with raspberry yogurt melts and fig slices with cherry yogurt melts. Both of these delicious little bags are just 45 calories each. Toddler ate these faster than I could say ‘slow down!' I don’t blame him, they were very tasty. We actually took these on the train up to Cambridge and they are a great snack to eat on the go. They did leave his hands a bit sticky but luckily I had some wet wipes. I would definitely like to try these again!

Little Miracles Organic Energy Drinks x 2
These drinks came in two flavours; green tea, ginseng and pomegranate and the other was a mixture of lemongrass tea, orange juice and ginger. Both of these reminded me of my travels in Asia so I had one whilst eating Japanese food and the other with a Thai dinner! I really liked the different flavours in these drinks and would love to try more.

Beautie Blackcurrant Drink
The Beautie blackcurrant drink is packed full of vitamins B & C and is a great energy boosting drink to travel with because of its small size. It’s quite a thick jelly like drink and there is something addictive about its texture, you can taste all the blackcurrant bits in it, delicious! This is also a vegetarian drink so wins all round.

Would you like to try a Degustabox? Buy it for yourself or a friend. I am offering my readers a £3.00 discount so you’ll pay just £9.99 for your first box. Simple register at Degustabox and enter the discount code: 1BQIF Enjoy :)

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Thank you to Degustabox for sending me a box to review. All words and opinions are my own.

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