Sunday 1 February 2015

This week in Brighton

Out and About 

We’ve been out a lot this week. Last weekend was a gloriously sunny day and my Silent Sunday photo was the scene of the promenade along Brighton seafront. Here’s a few more photos I took that day. Everyone was out and Brighton is always full of life especially at the weekends. I got a lot of comments asking if it was last Saturday and if it’s always that busy. The answer is yes, it’s always full of people walking, children playing, general hustle and bustle, even on a cold day. 

Last weekend

Volleyball on Brighton seafront

The West Pier in the distance

This week I’ve taken toddler to a music class and play group. He wasn’t too keen on the music class as he’s in a sensitive sound phase at the moment and I think the music was a little too loud and hectic for him. He loves the play group though, we go there regularly and it’s great catching up with the other mamas. We’ve been to the park a couple of times which he loves. I took some lovely photos of him laughing on the swings. Toddler is walking more and more without the buggy, for short distances at least. We did have a bit of an accident this week though because despite loving holding my hand a couple of weeks ago he decided it’s much more fun to run ahead. I insisted several times on holding my hand but he kept having a tantrum so I thought ok, we’re not near a road and let go. As he ran off he fell face down onto the concrete! I tried to catch him but too late. Such a bad moment, he was crying, I was nearly crying. Luckily it wasn’t as bad as it seemed. So as he is refusing to hold my hand I have been teaching him to walk slloooooowwwwllly. And guess what? It worked! He walks slowly on demand now. Amazing! Although I am guessing he will quickly get bored of this in a few days time :) I might purchase some reins, the backpack type but am still a little undecided about these. 

Going to the park 

Fun at Home 

His two favourite items at the moment are lego and wooden spoons. As soon as we come in the house he points to the pot of wooden spoons and that keeps him happy for ages, sorting them out, putting them back into the metal pot, then taking them out, sorting them out on the floor, putting them on the table and then returning them to the pot again! He loves sorting so much! He also loves building huge lego towers and is developing a love for Peppa Pig! 

Time for me 

For the past few weeks I have been attending a yoga class in Brighton. I’ve been practising yoga for years on and off including pregnancy yoga but hadn’t been to a class since baby was born. It’s so lovely getting back into it and the teacher Lucy is wonderful. 

My Happiest Moment 

My happiest moment has been watching toddler grow and develop. He is speaking even more at the moment and doing some funny things which are so entertaining to watch. He already said ‘ah oh’ and this week found it hilarious when I said it repeatedly; ‘ah oh, ah oh, ah oh, ah oh, ah oh’. He quickly picked it up and would repeat it himself then burst into laughter! I love seeing him laugh and doing all these funny things. He is picking up things so quickly at the moment. He’ll repeat anything and it’s amazing that a little patience explaining something can go a long way (sometimes hahah!). He makes me so proud & happy every single day. 

Next week I would like to... 

Do some painting with toddler! This is something I have been meaning to do for yonks. We have used crayons and pencils to draw but have never used paints. I’ve been partly putting it off because of the potential mess but hey it should be fun :)

What have you been up to this week? 


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