Thursday 26 February 2015

The Ideal Kitchen

Indian tiles from Bleucoin

What would your ideal kitchen look like? Our house is far from perfect and there are lots of things to update, paint, repair and replace. I’ve developed a little love for Pinterest and as there are so many beautiful images on there I sometimes daydream about my ideal house. There are no plans to decorate in the near future, there is no time or money at the moment but if I could wave a magic wand here’s what I’d choose for a kitchen:

I’m a big fan of storage so lots of cabinets are ideal. Our current kitchen has quite a few but we could do with some extra shelves and simple storage solutions.

Bigger kitchens aren’t necessarily better but I do think a bit of space helps! This will depend on family size or just preference (if you’re rich!). My cousin has four kids so she needs a table for six and bigger kitchen appliances like these Panasonic America fridge freezers with all those mouths to feed.

Our kitchen is big enough to have a table in and I find it’s really beneficial to eat in the same place as cooking. I love that our kitchen is big enough (just) to fit a table in. It could do with a bit of paint though and probably some new chairs. Here’s one I like the look of from John Lewis. 

Table from John Lewis
I am usually drawn to white or cream kitchens. Saying that though I love bright colours. I once rented out a flat that an interior designer owned. She had painted each room a different colour. The kitchen had yellow walls and pale turquoise cabinets. I loved that little Kitchen. Maybe a combination of white or cream with pale turquoise would work? Our table tops could definitely do with a make over too! 

Natural light is crucial especially in a kitchen so window size is important to me. Our current kitchen doesn’t let that much light in but I’m sure adding some strategic lighting and paining our cabinets a brighter colour would make a huge difference.

I’m pretty pleased with our current flooring - terracotta stone so that can stay put :)

Finishing touches
I absolutely love ceramic tiles and think they can add so much to a room. The ones above are Indian tiles but I also love Portuguese, Moroccan and Turkish tiles. And I suppose if I really could choose my kitchen would have a balcony overlooking the swimming pool in the garden! Haha, a girl can dream… :)

What would your perfect kitchen look like?

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