Monday 23 February 2015

This Week in February

Out and About

It was half-term last week but because of toddler’s age my routine was pretty similar to our usual one. On Tuesday it was a lovely sunny day and we visited the local park and then went to the seaside. Toddler loves both the park and the seaside, who doesn't at his age! He wants to go on everything in the park - swings, slide, climbing frame, roundabout and has developed a love of running down slopes so once he sees any mound/slope he is up there! Then he giggles as he comes running down. As soon as he see's the sea in the distance he starts getting excited saying 'sea!' So sweet :)

Fun at the seaside

On Thursday we went to a mathemagical pre-school class as part of Brighton Science Festival. It sounded quite fun so thought I’d see what toddler thought of it all. There were games, toys, puzzles, songs and dancing! This particular class was aimed at 2-3 year olds so toddler is not quite there but I think he really enjoyed this, especially the shape segments and lego pieces. For me too, it made a difference to the usual baby group.

Fun at Home 

We have been reading a lot this week. Toddler has so many books and he actually demands that I read to him regularly! His favourite at the moment are sound books, any book with shapes or his sheep book! We have been spending more time in the garden in the past week. Toddler loves running up and down the path and I’ve been attempting to do some gardening while he does it. We haven’t been spending too much time out there because it’s been so rainy and cold.

Time for me 

Yoga wasn’t on but instead I went swimming. I used to swim a lot and although sometimes I have to push myself to go swimming - changing out of clothes always seems a big faff - I alway feel much more refreshed and better afterwards.

My Happiest Moment 

Watching my little boy grow up and watching all the funny things he is doing and saying. At 20 months he looks so big now, it is crazy! His clothes are huge, his feet are huge (6.5 G now!) and he is huge! I know, I know, babies do grow up but he’s my little boy, can’t believe he’s going to be two soon! Argh!

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