Wednesday 4 February 2015

Buying a Summer Buggy

Colour pushcahirs: Maclaren Globetrotter Buggy
Now that we are well into 2015 we’ve starting thinking about a new buggy for the warmer weather. We have used the same Bébé Confort buggy since toddler was born 19 months ago. It was given to us by friends who no longer needed the pushchair as their children had outgrown it. It’s an older model but has been super reliable and has worked pretty well for us. We’ve used it since baby was a newborn right up until now. It’s incredibly sturdy, reliable and very handy for hanging loads of shopping on the rails!

The one thing is in’t is light weight! Now that toddler is even heavier (he’s always been a big baby!), pushing this already heavy pushchair up a hill is exhausting at the best of times. When we went on holiday to Italy last year we borrowed a light weight buggy which was wonderful to use on around the cities of Rome and Venice and on the plane. In Venice, it was particularly handy for all those bridge crossings over the canal and carrying the buggy up loads of steps or even quickly folding it up and carrying it over the shoulder. So we are looking for something similar. 

Criteria for a Summer Buggy:


A key for any summer pushchair especially if you are going on holiday or walking around a lot with a heavy toddler in tow. Lightweight pushchairs can weigh as little as 3kg. One of the most popular brands I have seen in the lightweight variety of pushchair is MaclarenThey tend to get very good reviews too.

Easily foldable 

This is a must if you’re going abroad or on a day trip in the car/public transport and need to fold the pushchair easily and quickly. The one we used in Venice last year could be folded with one hand. Handy if you're carrying the baby in the other hand!

Reliable and durable 

I know not all lightweight pushchairs are reliable and have heard stories of wheels suddenly falling off! Therefore, we need something lightweight which hasn’t lost the durability of the bulkier ones. These Maclaren buggies come with a lifetime warranty so should anything happen they are covered!

Maclaren's lightest reclining buggy that folds easily

Pretty design

I see some lovely looking colourful pushchairs and ours is black and a little boring in comparison so it would be great to get something a bit more lively for the summer. I like the look of the Maclaren Globetrotter Buggy in scarlet/charcoal (shown above) and also this red/orange striped stroller from Mothercare (below) which comes in red or blue stripes. 

Sun/rain cover 

Certain additional features make a big difference. As we all know weather in the UK is a little unpredictable and it can rain at anytime (even when the weather forecast says it won’t!) so a cover is hugely beneficial. A good sun shade is also essential on those brighter days. 

Age suitable 

You can use a lot of the lightweight buggies from birth. Now that toddler is 19 months, I occasionally take him out without the buggy on a (very slow) walk. I doubt he’ll be walking with me into town anytime soon so we want something that will last at least until next year.

Mothercare buggy with storage and weather-shield


My current buggy sure has been through the shopping bag test and I regularly carry shopping from the handles or in the the basket. You can’t do this with lightweight ones but a little under the seat storage will be ideal or a little pocket on the back to add snacks, drinks in etc.

Reclining seat 

Toddler sleeps around midday and he can easily fall asleep in his buggy so we will need one with a reclining seat so it’s comfortable for him to sleep in.


We can’t afford too much but sometimes it’s better to pay more if the model/brand is much more reliable or has a warranty. Sometimes you really do get what you pay for.

Feel of buggy

Occasionally I have seen something amazing only to try it out and find it’s not that great after all. However, the reverse is also true! So I think it’s essential to try out the buggy before buying if possible, even putting baby in there and walking around the shop! :)

Are you looking for a new pushchair or could you recommend one? What features are important to you? Please share your views.


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