Saturday 1 December 2018

Blogmas Day One: Why I'm blogging every day this month

Disclaimer: I will try to blog every day this month. If for any reason I lose inspiration or the thought of writing another blog post kills me I will stop ☺ Disclaimer 2: Most of my posts will probably not be related to Christmas! With these things in mind, I'm still excited about joining in with Blogmas! I saw a few tweets about it some days ago and suddenly thought about joining in. I posted a Twitter poll and asked fellow bloggers what they thought:

I was actually expecting the majority to tell me it was an awful idea. But I was surprised at the result and thought why not give it a go! Here are 5 reasons I'm joining in with Blogmas this month:

1. The challenge
It's good to set challenges. I set daily challenges with other areas in my life so why not with blogging! I like feeling that sense of accomplishment you get after completing something and seeing the challenge through.

2. A change
I've been blogging for over 4 years now and the style of my posts has changed. Most started off quite short and they have become much longer and more ‘commercial’ over time. Admittedly, a lot of my blog posts are now collaborations so as a result I tend to spend a lot more time on each blog post in both quantity and quality. It’s rare to publish something under 500 words. I prefer to write longer blog posts these days but occasionally would like to post something without spending hours on it, so I’m excited about publishing shorter posts and writing topics I wouldn’t usually focus on.

3. Creativity
I love being creative and I think by setting a target of posting every day I’ll have to be creative in my blog post topics. I used to share a lot of photography posts and host the linky #MyFavouriteTrip. I also took part in Silent Sunday a lot - does that still exist?

4. I’ve already had a break from blogging
I had a break from blogging earlier in the year and am now excited about blogging regularly again. For several months I had another job and travelled to Ethiopia, which meant I barely had anytime to blog and I missed it. For a couple of months in the summer, I didn't post anything on social media at all and if I need a break I'll usually take one. I’m not a typical blogger in that sense. So because I've taken such a big step back for work/holidays already (I’ve only published 31 posts this year) I'm quite excited about getting back into regular blogging.

5. To see where it leads!
You never know what’s around the corner! Back in August 2015, I blogged single day and published 32 blog posts that month. This is still the month with my highest ever views. It will good to challenge myself to see if I can beat that, not that blog views are all that matter. I’d also like to see, with the pressure of posting every day, what type of blog posts I come up. I’ll probably write more diary style entries, photography/travel stories, some Christmas posts and a few completely random subjects!


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Would you like me to write anything in particular? Are you taking part in Blogmas this year?



  1. Good Luck- I am trying it out this year too. I ulled away from blogging and have found myself in a completely different place than I thought I would be this December. So a challenge and focus seems like a great idea. What is silent sunday? Also hoping #myfavouritetrip is still going? I would love some creative communities and talks to get involved with.

    Jen x

    1. Thanks Jen and good luck with it too! I will follow your posts. Silent Sunday was a similar photography linky - posting a photo every Sunday and I no longer host #MyFavouriteTrip as it was a lot of commitment but I'll still be linking up with other linkies - I can email you a list if you want? Polly x :)

  2. Good luck! It is a great challenge!
    I blog every day anyway but took part in Blogtober. The same as Blogmas but in October. lol It was great to write about things I wouldn't usually. x

    1. Thanks so much Kim! I didn't realise you blog every day as part of your usual blogging routine, that's impressive! x

  3. Always good to challenge ourselves - good luck!

  4. Great to see you decided to go with it!! And so funny to see your post pop up on Pinterest after we chatted on twitter. (WildBossMama - I replied to your original tweet. :) )

    Looking forward to reading the rest. :)


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