Monday 10 December 2018

How to afford a family holiday

Family holidays are indeed fun and exciting! After all, this is the time when you not only explore new destinations but also get to spend quality time with family. Every family would like to enjoy a great holiday every year. However, with the escalating costs of travel and other expenses, it is a lot easier said than done. Moreover, with the important things in life like the living costs, school costs, and mortgage to pay, there is very little money left to holiday on.

Still, every family deserves a nice holiday, even when the money is tight. With a little budgeting and planning, you can indeed look for exciting ways to enjoy a great family holiday. All you need to do is start early with your planning and think smarty.

Here’s what you need to do to enjoy a great family getaway even on a limited budget.

Decide on priorities 
The whole family can sit together and decide how important the family holiday is and whether everyone is willing to make some sacrifices. You might have pending bills or debts to pay off.

Set up a holiday account
Now that the whole family wants a holiday, set up a separate account for a holiday. Start putting money in and don’t touch it. Soon, you will find the family holiday account builds up faster than you think.

Look for off-season deals
There are plenty of holiday destinations that promote different specials, especially during the off season. Browse the holiday deal sites and see how you can have a mind-blowing family holiday within your budget

List for a frequent flyer program
Try to stick to one airline and familiarise yourself with their frequent flyer program. Look at how you can earn bonus points and which credit cards are they allied with. Check out how the points can be redeemed and start collecting those points.

Check out all-inclusive packages 
Most holidaymakers focus on the significant expenses and ignore the little extras that also add to huge expenses. One option is to opt for the all-inclusive packages so that your every need is taken care of. There are plenty of all-inclusive resorts that offer you a great budget for your entire holiday.

Go for a house swap 
Another great idea that is catching on with families is alternative holidays. Families can swap their houses for the holiday and enjoy staying at a new destination with free lodging. Known as a house swap, one will come across plenty of sites that deal with a swapping homes anywhere.

Wait for the right deals 
Holidays can be expensive, but almost every 5 star, some 4-star resorts, and hotel offers special deals at some time. Keep your eyes peeled for those special deals, especially if travelling out of season and you are sure to land one of the best discounts. Thus, you could enjoy a luxury destination well within your budget.

*This is a collaborative post.


How do you afford family holidays? Do you have any handy tips?



  1. I do love the idea of the house swap though am not big on all inclusive packages but they can be most affordable

  2. I love planning family holidays. It's something we always do in January so I can't wait to start picking up the brochures,


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