Friday 1 December 2017

Planning ahead: 5 things I’d like to do in 2018

It’s the first of December already, yay! The year has whizzed by. I know this month will go so quickly and before we know it we will be in a new year. There have been some exciting things happening this year including visiting Venice and Pip starting reception class at primary school. That has whizzed by and he has just 3 weeks left before he finishes his first half term of school! In terms of planning ahead, I’m usually a bit last minute these days, but I’m excited by what the new year brings. Here are a few things I’d like to do in 2018.

If you know my blog you’ll know I love to travel! Venice was such an amazing holiday destination and worked so well with two four year olds in tow. I’d love to take Pip on another European city break, possibly to Geneva or Southern Italy. I’d also love to travel to India again including a visit to West Bengal and the Taj Mahal. Actually, if money were no object I’d probably be spending a lot of 2018 on holiday!

I’ve been sportier this year than in the last few years put together! My main sports are badminton and swimming and I’d like to carry on with both in 2018, setting weekly goals to do at least 1-2 activities a week. I know some find it boring but I love the relaxation you gain from swimming and the refreshing & energised feelings afterwards. I took my PADI scuba diving award years ago and would also love to explore that option again, if I get the chance. Any excuse to buy some new swimsuits and sports gear!

Saving money
I used to be great at saving money and finding bargains but this year that’s gone a little downhill, oops! I haven’t spent loads nor have I made a conscious effort to save but I’ve tended to go with convenience and ease instead of the best economical choices. I find this is harder to do once you have kids. I don’t want to borrow money or take out short term loans and a lot of money saving skills comes from planning ahead. So in 2018, I’ll try to plan ahead more. Things like budgeting for weekly shops, finding cheaper travel options and buying from charity shops or in sales can save hundreds of pounds over the year.

Reading fiction
I always add reading to my future to-do-lists and the truth is I never find the time to read books these days. Along with working freelance, being a parent and managing to have to have a social life, there isn’t time for much else! I read other blogs almost daily as well as newspaper articles but there’s nothing like a good novel. I have a list of titles I want to read and hope I somehow find the time in 2018 to read more books!

Updating my house
I changed my living room furniture around this summer and it made a big difference on the room, making it feel cosier and bigger. I love contemporary furniture from places like Ikea but if I had the money I'd choose antique interiors from somewhere like Westland London. In 2018, I'd like to experiment with switching more things around, painting furniture and adding some new interiors into the mix.

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Do you plan ahead? What are your plans for 2018?



  1. Totally agree with your list and I think even learning some handicraft, DIY is really productive too...hopefully I'm a lot more confident and energetic by 2018! ;-P

  2. I think for the first time in a long time I am just going to see how and what 2018 brings without plans and stuff!

  3. I think you've done well to already be thinking about 2018 and what you want to do. I haven't given it a thought yet! lol Mich x

  4. This is a great list. I've been thinking about mine - I know I didn't do any of my blog ones for this year, whoops! x

  5. It sounds like 2018 is going to be a great year for you!

  6. Wow, they are some great plans - I've been to India a couple of times, I'd love to go again. Can't wait to see how your year pans out :)

  7. 2018 is going to be spent sorting our house out and planning a Walt Disney World holiday for 2019.


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