Wednesday 21 November 2018

Review: Three amazing LEGO sets for kids

One of the main toys that Pip has developed a strong interest in this year is LEGO! He’s always liked building massive structures out of LEGO and this year has developed a love for following instructions and assembling the smaller LEGO kits. I was sent some wonderful LEGO sets from the shopping website Very and knowing Pip, I couldn’t wait to give him these and review the products. I gave a couple of sets to Pip on his fifth birthday and another more recently. He has absolutely loved them and I’ll discuss each set in detail.

LEGO Jurassic World 75929 Carnotaurus Gyrosphere Escape

Other than LEGO, Pip absolutely adores dinosaurs! Since starting primary school last year and becoming best friends with another little boy who also loves dinosaurs, there hasn’t been a day since without some kind of mention of a dinosaur! He has also become a dinosaur expert and has taught me a lot about dinosaurs! I’m amazed he knows the complex names of so many! So naturally, with his love for LEGO and dinosaurs this Jurassic World set was a perfect choice for Pip’s 5th birthday. Aged 8+, I thought we could built this set together. There are various parts to build in this Jurassic World. The set includes a truck and trailer with a mobile control centre, a Gyrosphere station with a launch function, a giant Carnoatarus dinosaur with a baby dinosaur, three mini figures named Owen, Claire & Franklin and other small accessories including a shovel, three dinosaur eggs and a tranquilliser gun.

As soon as Pip opened this he was so excited and wanted to build it straight away. Prior to this he was used to building the smaller LEGO sets independently so this was his first big project. Despite being aged 8+, Pip managed to follow most of the instructions himself. It does get a bit tricky so adult supervision was required but he was able to build many of the parts independently as shown in the photos. Each model has a step by step instruction book with easy to follow photos.

I loved the way that each part was a little project in itself and Pip was so proud of himself every time he completed a part. If he had his way he probably would have stayed up all night long completing the set! Once finished the set makes a wonderful combined piece resembling a Jurassic World Kingdom. Now nearly 6 months later, Pip still plays with his LEGO, almost on a daily basis. He loves dismantling it and building it from scratch, Parts such as the giant Carnoatarus dinosaur or the Gyrosphere can be played with on their own. If your child likes LEGO and dinosaurs I highly recommend this set. In fact, I can’t think of a better present for a birthday or Christmas. The Jurassic  World set is currently on sale for £44.99 at Very.

LEGO Ninjago 70638 Katana V11

This set consists of a Fire Ninja Kai’s Katana V11 boat with speed and attack modes, foldout boosters, spring loaded shooters , a Luke Cunningham motorbike, golden ninja blades and 2 mini figures: Kai and Luke Cunningham. We hadn’t watched any of the Ninjago videos so were not familiar with the figures but like with many things this didn’t matter to Pip. Although aged at 7-14 and slighter older than Pip’s age of 5 years, he was still able to build this set with little assistance. I thought the boat was actually a plane (oops) but it doesn’t really matter. Pip loves playing with this set and like the dinosaur set above he continues to play with LEGO regularly. This is a cheaper alternative to the dinosaur set above and is currently on sale for £10.99 at Very. The LEGO Ninjago playset is also compatible with all other LEGO construction sets.

LEGO Juniors 10760 Incredibles Underminer Bank Heist

Pip has seen the Incredibles film so was familiar with the LEGO characters. This set includes 3 mini-figures consisting of Mrs Incredible, Mr Incredible and Underminer. The story behind this LEGO set is a bank robbery so items include a bank vault with breakaway door, street scene with brick wall, a wanted poster and streetlamp. The set also includes a Tunneller machine with spinning drill bits and Tunneller machine. This is such a fun set and given the age range of 4-7 years, Pip was able to build this himself independently and was so proud of himself once complete! Priced at £29.99 at Very it's a good deal.

In general, LEGO is a wonderful way to encourage creativity and imagination amongst children. Pip has spent countless hours with each LEGO set; playing with each independently or combining other LEGO sets or other toys such as his big collection of Disney cars into play (you can see them in the background in the photo above ha). Being creative and playing independently are such an important part of childhood and child development and it’s amazing to see Pip spend many focused hours on his LEGO! He’s created so many stories with each model and I’m sure LEGO will entertain him for a long time to come!


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Many thanks to Very and Shop Direct for providing the LEGO sets mentioned in this post. 

Does your child play with LEGO? What’s your/their favourite set? I’d love to hear your experiences. ☺



  1. I loved lego when I was younger! The dinosaur one looks so cool.

  2. That jurassic world set looks so cool, we have a lot of lego in our household and this is the kind of one I'd get for my boyfriend x

  3. Amazing that he can already build 8+ sets! I love that the you can actually shoot the Gyrosphere out of the station in the Jurassic Park set.

  4. Definitely not showing these to Sam or Arlo - they'll want them all!

  5. These look fab - I especially love that the younger one is labelled as 'easy to build' - I bet it's perfect as a first set. I've bought my son three LEGO sets for Christmas this year. We can't get enough x

  6. We love Lego, it makes the children's world go round. These sets look fantastic! x

  7. Lego just keeps getting better. I love the dinosaur one in particular :)

  8. My kids love Lego although my older boy wants the death star this's a bit too pricey for me

  9. Alexander has really gotten into Lego (as opposed to Duplo) of late - lovely watching them follow instructions so competently, and also use their own creativity too. There is so much variety with Lego.


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