Thursday 15 November 2018

5 things I’d include in my dream home

I’ve lived in quite a few different houses and flats since my university days and over time I have developed a sense of my dream home. Here are some of the things I’d include in my ideal house.

A big room
I’ve lived in houses with small poky rooms as well as ones with massive high ceilings and plenty of space and think I am leaning towards the latter. Having at least one big room, preferably the living room, gives a sense of space and when kids and toys are involved I think the bigger the better. At the moment, the house I live in has fairly small rooms and I do crave more space.

A garden
There are so many benefits to having a garden. Whether for entertaining purposes, to get a break from being inside, watch new buds emerging or just to sit and daydream with a coffee, I love sitting in my garden. I also love growing my own fruit and vegetables which you can do in the smallest of gardens.

A big hallway
I love coming into a house with a long hall way, usually present in older houses, such as those from the Victorian era. These types of houses are popular in Brighton and also in Cambridge where I lived previously. There is something about walking into a house with a large hallway or corridor and a place to put shoes/hang coats etc. It gives a sense of space in bigger houses.

Colourful interiors
I think interiors make the house. Of course, these are things that can be changed over time and to personalise as your own in any house. I’d have a lovely colourful kitchen, wooden or laminated floors in some of the rooms, paintings and mosaics hanging on the walls and a beautiful open fireplace.

A house with a view
At the moment I live in a house with a view of the houses opposite and not much else. In an ideal scenario I’d love a view of the countryside in the distance or a nearby park. I think looking out is nearly as important as looking in and location is so important in this regard. The last flat I lived in had a view of the sea in Brighton and that was very nice too.

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Do you live in your dream home yet? What would you include in yours? I’d love to hear your views!



  1. I would love a house with a view or even a house with a garden as I live in a flat. I also like houses with high ceilings as they feel grand

  2. Oh yes! Could you imagine having a view like that one - oh my goodness that looks amazing!

  3. I miss my old flat because we had the most beautiful view of the canal basin with the boats. Our new house has high ceilings, which I love.

  4. I would love a Victorian villa with big windows and working fireplaces - one day!


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