Friday 19 October 2018

Reflexology with Liz Linington at Anahata, Brighton

I recently attended the Anahata Health Clinic in Brighton as part of a blogger event to try some of their treatments. The morning started with an introduction to the clinic followed by tea, snacks and a relaxing yoga session with Bev. Each blogger had been assigned a treatment and I signed up to a Zone Face Lift treatment with Liz Linington. It was something I hadn't experienced previously and I was keen to try something new. It was lovely to speak with Liz a little before the treatment and find out more about her. Liz has been a trained reflexologist for nearly 10 years and offers different types of reflexology as a therapy and healing experience. Liz has extensive experience of working with people who have digestive disorders, insomnia, back pain, neck and shoulder tension, headaches, foot pain, sinus problems, neurological conditions, impaired immunity, menstrual disorders, ME/chronic fatigue syndrome, and mental and emotional health issues who may be feeling stressed.

The Zone Face Lift a relatively new treatment for Liz. She says “Zone Face Lift combines facial reflexology to support your health and well-being, with Japanese facelift massage and smoothing tools. The experience is designed to be deeply calming and uplifting, release tension and improve blood and lymphatic flow. Particularly over a course of treatments it can really soften facial expression, plump and tighten skin, reduce any puffiness and improve complexion, as well as support you with whatever health conditions you may have.”

Although it sounded wonderful I wondered if a treatment that focuses solely on the face could be that relaxing. In short, the answer is yes it can! It was so incredibly relaxing that I nearly fell asleep. After attending the session, Liz was surprised I had never tried reflexology and invited me back for a foot reflexology session. I have to say I was completely blown away by this treatment not only because it was so relaxing but I was amazed at how much Liz could determine from my feet! Several times in the session I could feel certain areas of my body ache or tweak. At first I wasn’t sure if this was a coincidence and didn’t tell her during the treatment which areas of my body I could feel. For example, my shoulders ached quite a lot at one point but suddenly relaxed with all the tension releasing. After the session Liz told me there had been some tension in my shoulders and this is one of the areas she had been working on during the foot reflexology. There were also twinges elsewhere and Liz asked about the area around my knees. I actually have an injury on my knee and Liz had picked up on this though reflexology!

Afterwards, I felt relaxed not only that day but the day afterwards and it honestly did feel like my whole body had undergone some type of detox, in the sense that I felt revived. Having had just one session of reflexology with these outcomes shows what a wonderful and experienced reflexologist Liz is! Liz says "Reflexology can support people with a range of health issues, both physical and emotional. It is a deeply relaxing treatment which for many improves sleep, energy levels, and sense of well being, particularly over a course of treatments. The best way to see what reflexology can do for you is to give it a try!"

Would I recommend Liz? Absolutely! Liz offers a variety of treatments including the 90 minute Deluxe Zone Face Lift treatment which includes foot reflexology. I’m offering my readers a £10 discount on any treatment booked with Liz over the next month (expires 20th November 2018). Please quote Our Seaside Baby. Liz can be contacted on 07957 275264 or through her website. I highly recommend booking asap to avoid disappointment. If you go let me know how you get on!

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  1. I love reflexology but I've only had it a couple of times. Last time I think I nearly went to sleep. I think (but you'd need to check) that reflexology is actually supported by the NHS in some place. I wish Liz lived closer to me!


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