Saturday 13 December 2014

A Winter's stroll along the promenade

It was gloriously sunny today so I headed to the seaside for a coastal walk along the promenade (in Brighton). Toddler was napping with his daddy so I took the opportunity to go for a quiet stroll, just me and my camera! Oh what a beautiful day it was. The sun was shining magnificently, the air was warm, the sea a gorgeous blue and the atmosphere was so calm. I passed walkers, couples, families, joggers, cyclists, dog walkers, a little boy who looked like mine, kids playing on the pebbles, ships sailing out to sea and seagulls flying ahead. It's been a hectic week so this is just what I needed. After the wind and rain storm a couple of nights ago it felt that I had landed somewhere else but nope, I’m still in the (mostly) sunny seaside town of Brighton :)

Do you have a favourite photo? What did you do today?
Please note: All photographs are my own. 



  1. The colored cubicles are so charming. Great photo op. Relax and seaside definitely go together. That's for sure.

  2. Love the colours of the beach houses!

  3. As always your photos are beautiful and really bring to life what you want to share with us.

  4. Ah what gorgeous pictures - I love how colourful those huts are too :)

  5. What a beautiful day! It must be amazing to have such a lovely promenade on your doorstep and those beach huts are so cute!!

  6. Oh you are so lucky to have a little "me" time - all alone and what a wonderful place to have it too. I love the last photo - everything is so align and paralleled to each other. :)

  7. I always love looking at your photos - especially when they're of my home town!

    It's this time of year where I start to fall back in love with Brighton. All the colour, the beach, it's lovely!



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