Monday 8 December 2014

My first PR event/blogger meet up (even as an anonymous blogger)!

The weekend before last I attended my first blogger PR event where I met bloggers in person for the first time! I’ve been blogging for nearly three months now and had previously written about whether to stay as an anonymous blogger or not. One of my reasons for not staying anonymous was because I wanted to meet some bloggers in real life. So when I got invited to an event arranged by Hillarys and the Joe Blogs Network I jumped at the chance! I met up with four other local bloggers before the event all of whom I’d either been ‘talking’ to on twitter/facebook or reading their wonderful blogs. They included Lauren from Belle du Brighton, Chelle from The Mumington Post, Clare at Little Pink Teacup and another anonymous blogger from Time Waits for no Mum

Meeting a blogger in person is quite surreal actually especially if you have read their blogs and know a little (or a lot!) about their lives. I realised the way you perceive someone when reading their blog can be completely different to how they are in real life. I don’t know what I was expecting exactly but everyone was very friendly, chatty and down to earth. We all have kids roughly around the same age and Chelle brought along her gorgeous smiley baby boy. I love this little (big!) community of local bloggers. The social aspect of blogging and attending events appealed to me even before I started blogging so going to something like this was great. Right now I’m still an anonymous blogger but going to a PR event does not have to jeopardise that. Anyway enough of all this blogger chit chat. Let’s talk about the event.

After our chat and coffee we all walked through the sunshine to Taj’s Tea Parlour, a cute little venue in the heart of Brighton that I had never been to. Actually as toddler was at home with his daddy I felt quite excited about my first PR event. Make do and Trend had provided a couple of activities; bunting and baubal making. Our first task was to create a bunting with pre-cut material, glue and string! What more do you need? We made a bunting over tea and delicious Christmas tree shaped biscuits. 

Lauren and Clare making their buntings

Making the bunting was good fun! I am a creative person but don’t get much time to tap into my creative side these days. I had to leave early so missed the baubal making but got a little kit to finish it off at home, which I still haven’t done, oops! But I did add some Christmasy finishing touches to the bunting at home and will add this to another crafty post. All in all, thanks to everyone involved for a lovely festive afternoon at my first blogger event :)

Have you been to a PR event or met other bloggers in ‘real life’? How have your experiences been? Have you been creative recently? 

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