Thursday 18 December 2014

My Wish List: What I really want & need this Christmas

Christmas is such a special time of year. I see it as a time with loved ones, a time for parties (usually baby related these days), some time to relax and watch Christmas films, to eat good food and feel the christmas spirit with friends and family. Sometimes, I feel it’s easy to get wrapped up in buying presents (like the pun?!) instead of focusing on the things that truly matter. So here’s my Christmas list of things I really want and need.

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1. Family time. This is what Christmas is all about isn’t it! This year, on Christmas day itself, it will be just the three of us and our first Christmas as a family in Brighton! It will also be toddler’s first Christmas where he’ll actually be aware that the day is somehow different and special. He was just 6 months last year but now at 18 months he’s aware of everything and is particularly good at noticing when something is different or unusual (he pointed to a small spot on my face the other day and frowned!) Sometimes, it can feel like we are living in the fast lane, so it will be nice to spend some quality time together, relaxing, going for walks, playing, dancing, eating, having fun and just enjoying the moment. 

2. Good health! This is one we often take for granted. Toddler has been sick for weeks now. It started with a bad cough then an ongoing cold combined with teething and then just a few nights ago vomiting! He was sick six times in the night poor little boy. The doctor says it’s just a bug and he seems more chirpy today so fingers crossed he’s on the mend. I know toddlers are sick a lot, all my mummy friends seem to be going through the same thing and it seems there are several things going around, it's that time of year. I’ve been exhausted and we’ve been stuck indoors for most of the time which isn’t much fun as we usually go out every day. Of course, there are children all over the world that are suffering far worst. It makes you realise how important good health is. So, it’s top of my wish list with family time. I wish for us all to be in good health over Christmas. 

3. Memorable fun & happy experiences. As toddler has been sick we had to cancel a few things recently. I’d like to show him a nativity scene explaining the story of Jesus. We’re still hoping to take him on his first trip to see Father Christmas. I want to show him more of the Christmas lights in Brighton and just do some fun and silly things with him like chasing him around the house :) 

4. Good food and drink. Need I say more? Any excuse to indulge. I breastfeed so can never drink too much but a glass of bubbly will be nice ;)

5. Rest & Sleep. Along with all this I need some sleep! I often feel like I’m in a constant state of sleep deprivation (anyone else?) so it would be lovely to truly relax over the festive period.

6. Presents for toddler. Our little cheeky monkey has loads of toys and more to come for Christmas. For this reason we haven’t bought him too much. I don't think you need to spend a fortune. There are amazing boutiques in Brighton but also some wonderful charity specialising in babies/children & you can get some amazing finds, occasionally brand new for a just a few pounds! You really don’t need to spend a bomb. At the moment thought he loves lego and I think he’ll like a lego zoo!


7. Presents for toddler (part 2) What he also needs are some cute winter jumpers as he’s outgrowing all his current ones. Here’s a couple I like from one of my favourite shops, John Lewis! :) 

8. Present for me. What do I need? Ok, I would love some more help with baby, and a cook, gardener, cleaner would all be nice but realistically what do I really need? I really need a new pair of pyjamas. And I really need a new pair of boots! Mine are literally falling apart! 

9. A Massage. Oooo, a massage would be lovely too. My back feels like it’s permanently in need of repair from carrying toddler around (especially when he’s sick). So, a relaxing massage would be ideal :)

10. Giving something back. I love giving presents just as much as I do receiving them these days, if not more. At this time of year though it's especially sad to think of all the people in the world who have very little, who struggle to survive every day. I have volunteered in the past and worked abroad for a charity which I continue to support. I would like to in some way help a bit closer to home. I don't know what exactly but I'll do a bit of research and see how I can contribute in 2015.

So, that's my wish list. What do you really need/want this Christmas?

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