Saturday 27 December 2014

Our Christmas was....

Getting dressed up and opening presents in the morning. Toddler wore his Santa & snowman outfit. Here he is playing with his new lego - absolutely loves it!

Admiring Christmas trees and decorations :)

Going on a lovely Christmas day walk to the seaside. So many people were out and we even saw a swimmer in the sea without his wetsuit (crazy)! Toddler always loves the sea, although he tries to walk in it these days!

Eating a huge Christmas dinner and lots of delicious food including this cute Christmas cake.

Thinking about the people living in real little town of Bethlehem in the Palestinian West Bank who struggle every day because they're living under occupation.

And finally ... playing with all of toddler's new toys, reading his new books to him, speaking with family & friends, watching Christmas films and even having some time to relax. A very chilled out Christmas (with a couple of toddler tantrums thrown in) :)

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas. How did you spend your day? 

You Baby Me Mummy

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