Thursday 27 June 2019

Updating my summer garden

It’s the time of year when the sun comes out and the long warm days allow you to spend weekends and school holidays relaxing in the garden. I do love having a garden but because we are close to so many parks and Brighton beach we don’t spend that much time out there. We are also moving house soon but will also have a garden in our new place. I’m looking forward to a change of scenery and adding some bits and bobs to make our new garden unique. Here are some of the things I plan to do.

Adding Garden Furniture
We have a table and chairs in the garden but it’s all a bit dated and could do with some updating. My dream home would include a garden sofa set and sun lounger, around the pool obviously! I’d also have a little garden stove or chiminea for cooler evenings. I recently came across Fishpools which is a leading furniture brand in the South East stocking an amazing range of garden sets. Have a look at their website for some garden furniture inspiration!

Hanging mosaics 
A few years ago I went through an arty phase, making and selling mosaic crafts. I have a lot of mosaic mirrors hanging around the house. I also made some mosaic hangings for the garden. They add some creativity and colour to the garden and are a great object to make with kids! Pip was given a mosaic set last year and he loved making them. That was using stickers but I plan to make some others with Pip for outdoor use. If you do make some for the garden make sure you use the right base and materials so they don’t fall off once it rains (speaking from experience!). Here’s a great guide from the British Association for Modern Mosaics.

Fill the garden with colour!
When we moved into our current house the garden was already mature with so many unique varieties of flowers and plants. The previous owners were clearly good gardeners because every spring and summer the garden erupts with colour. There are snowdrops, tulips, several different coloured rose bushes, irises and at the moment campanulas which bloom across the whole garden. It’s gorgeous and I will use it as a model for any future house I live in. Colour makes such a big difference.

A pretty shed
We have a shed but have never got round to painting it. I see some beautiful sheds on Pinterest and imagine one day I’ll create some type of office/music den in the shed, a little peaceful hideaway out in the garden. I’d also love to create an organised and tidy shed where all the garden objects are stored neatly. I don’t even want to describe what state my current shed is in! Have a look at my Pinterest board for my ideal shed.

Fruit/veg patch
I love growing my own fruit and veg and have done it for years now. I think it’s a lovely thing to do with kids showing them the whole process from seed to fruit. As we are moving house I haven’t grown any from scratch this year but we might buy some tomatoes plants for our new garden. Do you grow your own veg?

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Do you have a garden? What does your garden look like at this time of year? I’d love to hear your thoughts.



  1. Love the idea of hanging mosaics - such a nice and fun way to add some colour to the garden!

  2. Some brilliant ideas here! Thanks for the inspo

  3. I'd love a proper garden furniture set for our garden! Somewhere comfy to relax while the kids play - although I'm sure they'd be using it more than me haha x

  4. The mosaic is a gorgeous idea! I love a colourful garden, but rubbish at general upkeep! 🙈

  5. Aw mosaics are a fab idea for updating the garden! Mines getting very crazy and overgrown from all the sun! Haha

  6. Oh I love the sheds, I'd really like one as a little summer house to escape from the kids when I'm working!


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