Friday 12 October 2018

What to wear this Bonfire Night

With Halloween and Bonfire Night coming up fast, it is time to make sure that you have some nice warm clothes to wear. Both nights give you the opportunity to get out at night and enjoy yourselves as a family. But, you do need to be prepared, if you want to get the most out of these special occasions. Something I had in mind when I decided to write this article.

Stylish yet practical footwear

There is nothing worse than having freezing cold feet. Inevitably, on Bonfire Night you are going to be spending most of the evening standing in one place. So, your feet are going to get very cold if you are not wearing the right type of footwear.

Generally speaking, boots are the best option. They keep your feet dry and warm and provided you buy the right pair, they look stylish, far nicer than a pair of trainers. Right now, has a fantastic selection of ankle boots in stock. They are very comfortable and are one of the most affordable styles of boots you can buy.

Try to choose a pair that has fairly thick soles. Your feet will stay warmer for longer. Also, make sure that they are big enough for you to be able to wear two pairs of socks.

A stylish coat

You are also going to need a good coat. The more of you it covers the better. On a windy night you will be glad that you are wearing a long coat that covers part of your legs.

This year, camel and trench coats are both great-looking. Out of the two, the trench coat is probably the most sensible option because, provided it is made from the right material, it will be capable of keeping you dry as well as warm.

A nice hat and scarf set

Any part of your body that is exposed is going to get cold, so it is best to wear a hat, scarf and gloves. You can either buy a set or make your own. There is still enough time. This video shows you how to knit a hat and scarf and do so very quickly.

Clothes you can layer

Because you can never be sure how cold it will be it makes sense to choose clothes that can easily be layered. So, make sure you have tops, shirts and jumpers or cardigans that can easily be worn over the top of each other.

You also need to think about how you are going to keep your legs warm. It is surprising how easily the wind gets through your jeans. So, make sure that you have a pair of tights, leggings or training bottoms that will fit under your jeans and makes you feel cold.

More family activity suggestions

As I said at the start of this article, both bonfire night and Halloween are great events for families. They are extra special for us because my birthday also falls in Autumn :)

But, they are not the only events that are ideal for families. If you want to learn about more of them, read my post on the 20 best UK destinations to visit this Autumn.

* This is a collaborative post. 
Photos: Pixabay

Do you have any plans for Halloween or Bonfire Night? I'd love to hear them ☺


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