Monday 25 June 2018

Eight unique festivals around the world

I have a serious case of wanderlust at the moment. Well, I always do but maybe with the warmer weather I have a desire to travel abroad. Along with beaches, mountains, city tours, visiting famous landmarks and beautiful walks amongst the some of the most beautiful natural landscapes there is still more to do and see! I've been thinking about different cultures and diverse religions around the world recently and how there is so much to appreciate. I asked several other travel bloggers about their experiences and have picked these five unique festivals around the world.

Ganesh Chaturthi, India
We last visited West Bengal in India two years ago and it was Pip's first trip to the country. Whilst we were there, it was Ganesh Chaturthi, a Hindu festival dedicated to the elephant headed god. In September, the temples are filled with statues of Ganesh and visitors give offerings such as prayers, flowers and food. It's amazing to see the colourful statues around the city and the festival ends with the statue being carried during a public procession and submerged into the rivers or sea.

Venice Carnival, Italy 
Kristie from Mammaprada says: Venice Carnival has to be one of our most memorable trips ever. The atmosphere is incredible. You can join in or just be a bystander. You can spend a fortune or very little. There are amazing cakes just brought out at carnival time and many events are out on both payable and free. It’s quite a magical place and happens every February. Absolutely a bucket list event!

Sziget festival, Budapest, Hungary
Katie from Mummy's Diary says: We went to Sziget festival in Budapest. It’s a massive musical and cultural festival. It takes place on the whole of Obuda island. They have many famous acts play there. It was fab and takes place every year in August. Read more about the festival on her blog post about the Sziget festival.

Burning Man in Black Rock City, Nevada, US
√Čva from Captain Bobcat say: Although started as a very niche and extravagant festival, now it’s very much mainstream and on every travel lovers and festival enthusiasts’ wish list. Lots of music, hardly any boundaries and based and three main principles: radical inclusion,” “radical self-expression,” and “decommodification”.

Spring Racing Carnival, Melbourne, Australia
Emma from The Money Whisperer says: The Spring Racing Carnival in Melbourne is incredible - a week of horse racing including the Melbourne Cup on the Tuesday which is labelled ‘the race that stops the nation’ as it is a public holiday!

Chinese New Year, Hong Kong
Kate from Ever After With Kids says: The biggest festivals take place in China obviously - one of the best places to celebrate is Hong Kong - everywhere is a party! At home there are festivals in many major cities like London and Manchester. Feast on Chinese food, watch the fireworks and dragon dances and wear red to bring you luck in the new year! 

Festival for Sant Pere, Calella de Palafrugell, Spain
Samantha from North East Family Fun says: We enjoyed the Festival for Sant Pere in Calella de Palafrugell in Spain a few years ago. It's just a small seaside town so feels small and intimate but there's a real party atmosphere with Catalan folk dancing, fire crackers and fireworks. It takes place towards to end of June and is worth popping down for if you're in the Costa Brava area.

Alpine Ascent & Descent of the Cattle festival, Switzerland
Ashley from Born Explorers says: This is a festival celebrated in the fall in Switzerland when the cows come down from their summer spent grazing in the mountains. The cows are adorned with flower crowns and their fanciest cow bells and the farmers wear traditional dress as they herd the cows down the mountain. Read more about the festival in her blog post.


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What's the best festival you have been to? Have you been to any of the festivals mentioned in this post?



  1. These festivals look incredible. All of the colours in festivals never fail to amaze me!

  2. What a great selection of festivals. I haven't been to any of those. They do inspire you to book a holiday abroad though don't they.

  3. I've only ever really done music festivals mainly in the UK but I've also done New York, Belgium and Germany too, but I'd love to go to Sziget x

  4. My best festival was definitely the GoodLife Experience that happens every year in Wales. We brought our small son and our dog, went to book readings, listened to great music, whittled spoons and joined camp fire singalongs!

  5. I cannot wait for Camp Bestival next month in Dorset but we are looking forward to some festivals in Sri Lanka this summer too.

  6. The Venice Carnival is amazing. I went to Venice when it were on and i loved looking at all the costumes

  7. I've never been to any of these festivals, but I'd love to! Such a wonderful variety!

  8. wow this is so interesting to read and learn about these new festivals. I hadn't heard of a single one!

  9. Venice Carnival and seeing Chinese new year in sound amazing, would love to see them both

  10. Some of these festivals look really cool. I'd like to go to see the Burning Man and the Venice Festival myself :)

    Louise x

  11. Attending a few of these festivals should be on everyone's travel bucket list.


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