Tuesday 6 January 2015

A new year, new hopes, new challenges

When a new year approaches we all have hopes, desires, goals and aspirations don’t we? We set ourselves high standards and write a list of our new resolutions. How many of us actually keep them? Or did we start something only for it to fizzle out a few days/weeks/months later? My usual list tends to include doing more exercise, eating more healthily, joining some kind of club and perhaps something along the lines of writing more or being more creative. I didn’t have a list last year. I can’t even remember setting any goals, I was probably too consumed in our bundle of joy. But it’s nice to look back on the year. 2014 has had its fair shares of ups and downs but here’s my three main achievements.

Biggest achievements of 2014: 

1. Being a stay at home mummy to our little boyI left my job, put my career on hold and have spent this additional time with him. It hasn't always been easy but I am so glad I have been with him up until now. We did so much in 2014 and he has grown and changed in so many ways, from a little baby to a 19 month old cheeky monkey who’s so affectionate and clever (I know all parents probably say this!)

2. Breastfeeding. My journey continues and I’m so glad for both of us that we’ve carried on. There have been plenty of challenges along the way (full-on biting was one of them, not good) but I’ve persisted, tried different things to make it work and I love this unique bond.

3. The start of blogging. I thought about this for years & am so happy to have finally started my blog in September! I love writing, love networking & enjoy being part of this wonderful community of bloggers and writers. Thanks to everyone who finds this blog in some way or those that return regularly :) It’s been so lovely getting to know you all.

Hopes for 2015:

In 2015 there are lots of things I want to do that I’ve spent too long procrastinating over. So this year I won’t write a long list of things I want to do as that can be a bit overwhelming. In general though, I want to focus a bit more on me this year. Being a stay at home mummy can mean I have little time for myself and some of my interests pre-baby have taken a back-seat so it will be nice to delve into these again and be a bit more motivated about doing so. They include simple things like reading books, taking the time to cook a lovely meal, going to a yoga class or even just getting to read the paper at the weekend! In terms of blogging I would love to write about so many things I haven’t posted yet and continue this wonderful journey. Blogging has already opened some doors and I’m excited about other opportunities that may come in 2015. So as well as good health and happiness for all of us, I hope 2015 is a year of positivity and action! Here's to a good year :)

What are your achievements of 2014? What do you hope 2015 brings?

Mums' Days
Mums' Days

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