Wednesday 22 October 2014

One month of blogging: 15 thoughts and experiences to date!

It’s been over one month since I started blogging, woohoo. I wrote my first post on 18th September. In some ways it feels like months ago and in other ways it still feels like I’m so new to the world of blogging so thought I’d share my thoughts so far. 

1. Writing. I started a blog because I love writing. And of course, blogging gives me the opportunity to write to my heart’s content, it’s great!

2. Chose any subject. My blog is a parenting and lifestyle blog so naturally I write mostly about baby or baby related subjects (I am interested in other things too though…honest!). It’s great that you can write about anything you desire.

3. Blogging is fun. Blogging is my own little project, an insight into my life and thoughts and it’s fun creating that.

4. Publish instantly. I have written articles in previous jobs, some of which were published immediately and some that took a long while to write, even longer to edit and get reviewed. With blogging I check over what I’ve written but once it’s done I click and it’s published instantly!

5. FeedbackWhen you get a comment it’s a lovely thought that someone out there has taken the time to read your article/post and reflect on it :)

6. Creativity. I had no idea how much creatively can be included in a blog. You can design your header, background, logo, banner, advert etc. If photography is your passion it’s a great way to use photos on your blog. The sky is the limit!

7. Blogging is not only about writing. It’s also about taking photographs (which I love), designing or creating art work, networking, get connected on social media, even meeting people in ‘real life’ (what’s that? haha), reviewing, advertising, PR, the list goes on…

8. Constant learning curve. Whether it’s choosing your page design or interacting on social media it’s all a learning curve and it’s nice that I’m getting to grips with this whole new world that I didn’t know about previously. Can you get an honorary degree in blogging? Hah, that would be nice!

9. Discovering new and interesting blogs. There are so many great blogs out there. I wish I had the time to read them all! There are very popular parenting blogs and then lesser-known, new bloggers, like me, that I love reading. There are blogs that are so wonderful and honest, those that are heartbreaking and other ones that make me laugh so much. It’s great reading a snippet of a post or in some cases trailing through older posts because I’m already hooked!

10. Online community. There is an amazing online community of bloggers that I wasn’t aware of before. I’ve joined some local Brighton groups on facebook and it’s wonderful to see so many local bloggers. I would love to meet these people in person!

11. Social networking. There is twitter and facebook which I have set up. Then there is Instagram and bloglovin and pin interest and google friend connect, and google plus. Arghhh! Too much. Social media is a great way to ‘meet’ people and promote your blog but I can see where all my time could go. I find twitter a great way to connect and discover new people and it’s very time efficient. For now, my main focus is writing and I think social media will be a thing that comes in time.

12. Blogging as a career. This is all new to me. You can make enough money from blogging for it to be your full-time career!!!! Wow!

13. Terminology. There is a whole new dictionary for blogging. I’d never heard of ‘Linkys’ in pre-blogging life and now I hear or rather read the term everywhere!

14. Finding the time. Being a stay at home mum means my time is already stretched so I don’t have much time for blogging. Some bloggers seem to be online all the time and I wonder how they fit time in around a full-time job or baby. I usually write posts when baby is napping or some evenings after he’s in bed. That’s the flexible thing about blogging. A little time here and there makes up a post.

15. You are your own boss. I am forever thinking about new posts and have got loads lined up in my head. That’s the other great thing about blogging. There is no rush, no deadline, no need to write about anything. You just write because you want to write :)

What are your experiences as a blogger? Have you just started out or have you been blogging for years? It would be great to hear your thoughts.

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  1. Blogging is a lot of fun and discovering other blogs and making friends is awesome :)
    I love to schedule my posts, that way I can schedule ahead and not have to type at any particular time.

  2. aww it sounds like you're had a fun month! I hope you're settled into it well. I think there definitely needs to be a degree is blogging haha. There is so much to know! You're always learning. :-) x #thelist

  3. It.Definitely is learning curve and also find all the different types.of social media platforms overwhelming X

  4. You seem to have learned loads in your first month. I love the opportunity to write too- but I do often find myself being drawn into more and more promotion and less writing as this seems to be such a massive part of a successful blog. I hope you continue to enjoy blogging - I'm six months in and still loving it. #thelist

  5. Nearly 3 years down the line and I'm still finding a lot of these are still true. It provides you with so many skills and so much understanding of the internet - I reckon it's a great way to stay ahead or in line with your kids when they get older! #thelist

  6. I am really enjoying my blog at the moment, somewhere to be completely myself. #thelist


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