Thursday 30 October 2014

Bedtime reading

We have been reading to baby since he was born and at two months we were holding books in front of him and showing him the pictures. Now, at 16 months, he absolutely loves his books. He understands so much, so many of the characters, the animals and sounds and will usually point to whatever you ask him on the page. It’s nice knowing that he can understand more and more of the stories and even if he doesn’t understand every single word there are so many words that he can pick out or perhaps he understands more of the story than I think?

We’ve bought him a few books but most of them were given as presents for his birth, Christmas and his first birthday. I love children's book, they come in so many different forms - touch and feel, pop out, sound books, those that are beautifully illustrated and ones that have wonderful storylines. He has a real mix of books. Some are quite simple, little picture books with one word on each page, others much more detailed with fascinating characters and a lot of dialogue. Sometimes it does take a while for him to get interested in a new book but once he is familiar with a story he gets very into it. One of his favourite books is The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. He’s got the main story book but also some of the accompanying ones and can spot the caterpillar a mile off! When we go into books shops he’ll usually spot the caterpillar before me! It’s a beautiful story of….well, a hungry caterpillar with lovely little illustrations. It’s a true classic and I recommend anyone to read this book, even if you don’t have kids! ;) 

I’m going to list baby’s ten best books in another post but until then happy reading! What is your child’s favourite bedtime book? 

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