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The Paris Guy Launch - fun guided tours in Paris

New Paris guided tours in the 'City of Light' 
Last summer we were fortunate to review the Venice Food Tour with the tour company, The Roman Guy! I had never been on a food tour previously and it was marvellous! Enough food and drink to last us all day and a great way to discover hidden gems with the guidance of a Venetian tour guide. Pip and his little friend came along on the 3-hour tour, and although I was worried if the tour would be suitable for four year olds, they both had a lot of fun! Always having a big appetite, Pip was in his element as we travelled through Venice on foot, from venue to venue, sampling the best food and snacks the city offers. For Pip, the highlight of the tour was eating a double scooped ice-cream from one of the best Gelato parlours in the city! For the adults, the highlights were sampling delicious local delicacies and drink, being shown hidden corners of Venice, learning new and wonderful facts throughout the tour and it was a fun way to be shown undiscovered parts of the city!

During the Venice Food Tour with The Roman Guy
The Roman Guy hosts tours throughout Italy in Rome, Florence, Venice, the Vatican and on the Amalfi coast. There tours range from food tours, to day trips, boat rides, family friendly excursions and museum visits, all with the aim of immersing visitors into the local culture away from the crowds. I’m delighted that the Roman Guy are launching The Paris Guy! With local Parisian experts guiding each tour, the Paris Guy currently has three available itineraries.

The Louvre, Paris

Skip the Line Magnificent Louvre Tour, Paris

This relaxing 3 hour allows you to skip the lines and visit the Louvre, the most visited art gallery in the world! Skip the long line and the tour guide will tell you stories about the history of the gallery and show you the best highlights including The Coronation of Napoleon, Liberty Leading the People and of course, The Mona Lisa! End the tour with a relaxing trip to the picturesque gardens of the Palais du Louvre.
Duration: 3 hours
Prices: Adults €69, Seniors €64, Students €59, Youths (7-17 years old) €54 and Children (6 or under) free!
The tour is available from 30th March 2018.

Paris Catacombs tour

Skip the Line Paris Catacombs Tour

The Catacombs of Paris are underground burials holding the remains of over six million people. This 1.5 hours tour gives you a change to learn more about the catacombs including stories of the people that built it and how this amazing structure was made!
Duration: 1.5 hours
Prices: Adults €79, Seniors €74, Students €69, Youths (7-17 years old) €64 and Children (6 or under) €34!
The tour is available from 1st April 2018. 

The Golden Versailles Palace tour 

Golden Versailles Palace and Garden Tour

Taking approximately 3 hours you will be escorted by train from Paris to Versailles, enjoying the views on the way. Skip the line and queues and you’ll be given a tour of the family palace built by Louis XIV. The tour guide will show you the highlights including the Grand Rooms, Hall of Mirrors, Majestic Gardens and explain the politics during the French Revolution. Feel free to explore more of the Palace and Garden independently at the end of the tour.
Duration: 3 hours
The tour is available from 29th March 2018.
Prices: Adults €74, Seniors €69, Students €64, Youths (7-17 years old) €59 and Children (6 or under) €34!

Each tour can be booked online and in advance. Simply choose your date from the calendar and check availability.

The Golden Versailles Palace & Garden tour

Why pick The Paris Guy tours?

1. They are fun! 
The Venice Food Tour was a fun and exciting way to get around the city! The kids loved it and so did the adults!

2. Tours are affordable
Compared to doing it alone and what you gain from the tour itself, they are affordable and in some tours children aged 6 or under are completely free!

3. Discover hidden gems in the city 
I’ve been to Venice four times now and know the city very well. Yet, whilst on the food tour I discovered hidden corners of the city, new food and surprising facts about the city I didn’t know previously. I’m certain I would have a similar experience on one of the Paris tours.

4. Talk to a local tour guide
In tourist areas and crowded cities it can be difficult to speak to locals. The Roman Guy and The Paris Guy give you the opportunity to meet tour guides local to the city and learn interesting and unique facts you wouldn’t hear elsewhere!

5. Skip the lines and avoid the crowds
Doesn’t everyone want to the skip the queues! On all three tours in Paris you have the chance to do that just!

6. Many tours are family friendly
We went on a 3 hour city tour in Venice with two 4 year olds and although I worried initially it was absolutely fine! The Paris tours are all family friendly!

7. Meet friends on the tour
Meet like-minded people and get to know other visitors on the same tour!

8. See the city in a different way!
It’s tempting to do the same thing when returning to a city. Likewise, when visiting somewhere for the first time, it’s temping to follow the crowds and see the biggest attractions. Both the Roman Guy and Paris Guy aim to show you the biggest sites in a unique way, by avoiding the queues, getting local knowledge from an expert and having some truly unforgettable experiences!

I’m hoping to visit Paris in the near future and will definitely be trying one of the Paris Guy tours myself. If you go let me know how you get on!


This is a collaborative post. Words and opinions are my own.
Images: Pixabay except Venice photo

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  1. I really love Paris it's one of my absolute favourite places to visit! I love the idea of getting a tour guide too!

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  4. One of my all time fave cities, girls want to go but mainly due to Disney!

  5. The photos you've taken are amazing! The last time I went was in 2008, when I was about 13 years old... I wasn't really thinking about going back, but your post has tempted me massively - afterall I'm only close (in the UK).


  6. l love Paris. it must be 12 years since we visited though!

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  11. oh I agree having a tour guide is so much easier too and you defiantly get to see the best of everything and learn a whole lot more too

  12. I never knew that Paris had catacombs. They looked so cool to see. I wish the best with new tours!! :)

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  14. I have been to Paris over 15 times and this is a great guide. Taking a tour with a local tour guide is a must x

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  18. Id love to travel in paris! It looks so amazinnnnng there.


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