Friday 24 November 2017

5 Countries I’d Love to Visit

Everyone dreams of winning the lottery one day and many of us have already started to make plans what we will do when the prize money comes our way. For some, the top priority is to purchase a new home; for others, caring for one’s children and their future education is much more important. There are those who see a big lottery win as the means of purchasing luxury items, such as a new car, or even a private jet. But for me, if I won a big lottery jackpot playing EuroMillions, I would put travel at the top of my list.

After winning the lottery, you can make travel plans without the burden of seeing whether you can afford them. Distant destinations are suddenly not so distant, and luxurious accommodations become quite affordable. Of course, even if you win the lottery you can still set forth on a trek into the mountains with nothing more than the pack on your back, but traveling the world with an unlimited budget can become quite habit-forming. I have a long bucket list of places I’d like to visit, especially that expense would no longer be a factor. I could travel as much as I want, but some destinations would be more appealing than others. I’ve made a list of the first five countries I’d visit if I won the lottery.

5 Countries I’d Love to Visit

Located in the Indian Ocean, I've heard incredible things about these tropical islands. Infinity pools, snorkelling in blue lagoons, and relaxing on sandy beaches all come to mind. I think the Maldives would the perfect place to learn how to scuba dive and jet ski; to calm one's soul with yoga and Pilates; and to enjoy a romantic holiday with a loved one.

The possibilities of visiting the most populous country on earth are endless, but I would probably limit my visit to the big cities. Beijing attracts me because of its Forbidden City, the Imperial Court during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. I think visiting Beijing would be an excellent introduction to Chinese culture. I would make the most of a visit to China, even though I don’t speak the language!

New Zealand 
Ever since I saw the “Lord of the Rings” films, I have fantasized about seeing those same landscapes in real life. Even though I'm not up for a mountain hike, I can still experience the New Zealand's rich nature along the coast, hopefully with a chance of seeing seals and penguins in the wild. I would make sure to learn about the Maori culture while I was there by visiting traditional tribal meeting grounds and seeing the Maori war dances.

I’ve always been keen on seeing wild animals in their natural habitat. The thought of huge herds of wildebeest migrating across rivers and the Serengeti plains is quite appealing. I can see myself in the back of an open jeep pointing my camera at this stunning display of nature from a very close distance. And then relaxing afterwards in a luxurious jungle lodge would make the day’s adventures all the more memorable.

United States
This final destination on my short list almost sounds like it doesn’t belong, but then, I can’t hide the fact that my lottery windfall makes me secretly desire a few days of living it up. What better place in the world to enjoy my newfound riches than Las Vegas. I picture myself driving through the glitzy city in a chauffeur-driven limousine; making appearances on the casino floor; and being treated everywhere like the VIP I have become. But, I wouldn’t want to boast about my riches too long.

I could easily list additional destinations to visit, but in order for my fantasies to come true, I'd have to win the lottery! Wish me luck ☺

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Where would you travel to if you won the lottery?


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