Monday 6 February 2017

Our Week in Wales

If you haven't already seen my Instagram page, we spent last week in beautiful Pembrokeshire, Wales staying at Bluestone during the week and the stunning coastal town of Tenby at the weekend. I will write full blog posts about both but wanted to list the highlights of our trip. I was offered our stay at Bluestone at the very last minute and decided to take up the offer and go on my first entirely solo holiday with Pip. Despite being in January & pretty cold, we had some beautiful sunny days and plenty of things to keep ourselves entertained. I can say, it was one of our best holidays to date! Actually when we left Bluestone, Pip cried! I think he thought we had permanently moved into our lovely little holiday cottage, bless him! It's always lovely to get away, have a change of scenery, relax and enjoy the new environment and this trip offered us so much natural beauty. I would love to return in the summer and do it all again! Here are some of the things we got up to.

Our Wales Highlights

Seeing this stunning sunset across the sea on our train ride to Pembrokeshire. The train track was adjacent to the coast and offered this amazing view. 

Staying in a beautiful little two bedroom cottage at Bluestone and spotting wild rabbits outside our window.

Exploring the nature trails at Bluestone, through the woods and along the streams.

Going on two long walks through the woods and splashing in all the muddy puddles along the way!

We have ice cream only on special occasions so one of Pip's highlights was eating a chocolate ice cream in one of the Bluestone cafes! He was so happy!

Exploring the the beautiful lake at Bluestone on a sunny day. One of the positives of going during low season in the week means there was barely anyone else around. And I managed to get a get a photo of both of us looking at the camera & smiling!

Attending the wonderful Bluestone night show where trees are decorated and lit up in the woods. Wandering through the illuminated wood was amazing and it was one of the best things about our stay. We even found little fairy houses!

I was wondering whether a trip to Tenby would be worth it since it was a long taxi ride away but I'm so glad we went (even though Pip was sick on the way)! Despite living in Brighton by the sea, it's all pebbly and nothing like a sandy beach. Pip was in his element and I was too! We arrived on a rather wet overcast day, stayed a night at the Premier Inn and the next day we awoke to sunshine! Tenby is one of the best beaches I've ever visited. The beaches are complete with soft sand across an expansive area, especially at low tide and stunning scenery of the town and out to sea. We spent hours on the beach, walking on the sand & making train tracks in the sand. Pip also loved splashing in the calm sea with his wellies, something he doesn't usually do in Brighton!

Thinking it couldn't get any better than the North Beach we walked over town through the old castle walls to the South Beach and were even more amazed! Tenby, I love you! 


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Hope you've enjoyed the photos. I'd love to hear your thoughts. Have you been to Pembrokeshire?



  1. How lucky you were to have such fabulous weather, blue skies! I love the beaches of Pembrokeshire on a sunnay day you can't beat them. Thanks for sharing your lovely holiday with #TheList

  2. Gorgeous photos! Wales is pretty stunning isn't it, although I'm pretty biased living in Swansea. We're off to Bluestone in May and seeing all these photos has made me even more excited about going, it looks fab and the surrounding area looks beautiful. Oh, and Joe's ice cream is pretty amazing isn't it! x #TheList

  3. What a beautiful looking place to visit. So pretty

    Thank you for linking up

  4. Sounds like such a lovely week! Love all the photos! #MySundayPhoto

  5. Wales is so beautiful isn't it? Such gorgeous beach shots! :) #sundayphoto

  6. Looks a great place to visit. Your pictures make me want to pack up and go right now! #MondayEscapes

  7. I absolutely love Wales it is so beautiful. We have always visited North Wales as I am a little bit in love with Abersoch, but Pembrokeshire is on our bucket list for this year, and we are hoping to visit in May - your pictures are lovely and have made me want to visit even more. Thanks for sharing #MondayEscapes

  8. Pembrokeshire is a very beautiful place. I visited once many years ago but have always wanted to go back


  9. Fab highlights - I'll definitely look out for the full posts!
    The little fairy houses 😍!

  10. Looks like you had a fab time - lucky you! #thelistlinky

  11. Beautiful pics! You have inspired me to go there :)

  12. Oh you have made me so excited for our trips to Bluestone in June Polly! Must keep Tenby in mind too, it looks and sounds amazing;) Thanks for linking to #MondayEscapes

  13. We really enjoyed our winter stay at Bluestone too. The night walk was lovely and magical with all the fairy lights and didn't the fairy village take you back to feeling like a little child again yourself?! Lovely pics, Polly x

  14. Such beautiful pictures! We are going to Bluestone in a few days, I'm even more excited after reading your post!


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