Thursday 16 February 2017

A Ride on the British Airways i360, Brighton

Recently, we went on a ride on Brighton’s newest attraction, the British Airways i360 cable car. This is a vertical ride in a glass viewing pod, up to 450 feet with 360 degree panoramic views of beautiful scenery, reaching a distance of 26 miles on clear days! There are great views along the coast in both directions, the WestPier directly below and the Palace Pier in the distance. You can see across to the South Downs in the opposite direction and on clearer days you can even see the Isle of Wight! When I moved to Brighton four years ago, the Brighton Wheel offered great views across the sea. I was sad to see it go but was keen to experience its new replacement. I saw the British Airways i360 being built and walked past it many times as a work in progress. It opened on 4 August 2016 and has attracted countless visitors since.

We decided to take a ride or a ‘flight’ as they describe them, just before Christmas to meet Santa on one of the special event days. It happened to be a particularly windy afternoon and being a little scared of heights I was a bit worried about the pod shaking. But I didn’t need to be at all as the British Airways i360 is a smooth ride, hence why they use the word ‘flight’. It almost feels like you’re in a plane and once in the pod I wasn’t even aware of the wind. The day we went up was cloudy unfortunately but that didn’t stop us being fascinated by the view.

I thought Pip and his little friend might lose interest or be scared but they were neither. They enjoyed the view and the fact Santa and his little elf were in the same pod made it all the more exciting. As part of meeting Santa each child was given a book as a Christmas present, included in the fee. Obviously, Christmas has come and gone but the i360 holds special event days thorough-out the year.

There is a bar inside the pod offering drinks. I thought the prices were a bit steep at £10 for a glass a bubbly but that didn’t stop me or my friend, Lindsey buying one (why not, it was Christmas)! We bought apple juice for the boys. They also sell gin and water but I think it would be beneficial to have a bigger selection of drinks and to include snacks, especially for kids. I thought it would also be a good idea to have some seating areas near the windows, rather than just those on the inner section of the pod. The whole ‘flight’ lasted 20 minutes and we all enjoyed it. We explored the amazing shop afterwards and bought some souvenirs. I’d love to return on a warmer clearer day or even at sunset.

Adult prices: £15 
Children (4-15): £7.50 with concession rates for seniors and students. 
All children under 4 are free. Book online for cheaper prices.

Resident Prices
All residents of Brighton and Hove are eligible for a resident membership. 
Adult, Seniors and Students: £7.50 
Children (4-15): £5
It’s worth a visit so book your tickets today!


Thanks to British Airways i360 for inviting us on the pod. All words and opinions are my own.

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Have you been on the i360? What did you think?


  1. I remember this being mid construction when we visited Brighton - I like the idea of the wheel more (sadly we didn't get to go on it the time we visited pre Alexander), however I imagine this offers some amazing views. Glad to hear you had a lovely flight.

  2. That looks fun! I've been wanting to visit Brighton for such a long time now, ever since I lived in the UK back in 2005. Not sure why I didn't do it then really!

  3. Wow....what a great observation point overlooking the sea. That must have been a wonderful experience.

  4. Some great views, I imagine it would outstanding on a really clear day. How does it cope with the winds coming off the English channel - I used to windsurf down there and I know it can get a little breezy.

  5. It must have been an exciting experience for the kids. i360 sure looks fun. To see the world with Santa!
    I would love to do it one day.

  6. I've been to the UK many times but never made it to Brighton. The i360 cable car sounds like a lot of fun. I was quite surprise how good value it was as well.

  7. The pod seems to be a variation of the London Eye...quite a similar experience. The views are lovely.

  8. The cable car looks like it allows great views. From the ground it should be much more attractive than a skyscraper.

  9. I had no idea this even existed! It looks like a great facility and the 360 degree views would be incredible! I'll have to visit next time I'm back in the UK and down Brighton way!

  10. Oh I had never even heard of this but it looks amazing My kid would LOVE it, and its on the water. Very cool we will have to check it out! thanks for sharing!

  11. We were planning to visit i360 but for some reason never got a chance yet. I think I'm a bit less frightened now after I saw your beautiful images :)

  12. It was a lovely day out, and it got us in the mood for Christmas 2016!
    I thought the books from Santa were a special touch :)
    We are looking forward to our next adventure!

  13. Awesome! When we were last there back in April 2015, it was still under construction! Will have to go back now! #CityTripping

  14. Perfect timing! We were in Brighton just last weekend and my two kept looking over at the 'doughnut' and saying they fancied a go. Next time for sure. #citytripping

  15. What fun and great views #citytripping

  16. I was in Brighton last year when they were building this, so I'm really intrigued to see your fantastic photos and read about your day there. I think its a MUST for next time in Brighton. Thanks for sharing with #citytripping

  17. I'm looking forward to trying this out when we go to Brighton at some point in the Spring/summer. Great to get a preview from you. Looks like a really unique experience. #citytripping

  18. Love this post! I actually live in Brighton and never been on the i360 but I think I will now!! Keep up the good work 😊


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