Saturday 28 November 2015

Adapting to a Life by the Sea

Living by the sea is a truly wonderful experience and there are several benefits. It is a dream come true for many and people usually conjure up the image of long romantic walks along the shore and endlessly gazing at beautiful sunsets. It certainly is like that at times! Most Brightonians wouldn't want to live anywhere else in the world and Brighton has a wonderful mix of city and sea. But seaside life definitely isn't just one big holiday. So for anyone who's thinking about a potential life by the sea, here are a few things to consider.

Seasonal issues

As our coasts are highly attractive holiday destinations for those living inland, our coastal towns can suffer the maddening swing between being completely desolate and incredibly overrun. The seasonal nature of many coastal towns has led to many places such as Skegness and Blackpool suffering many issues of social deprivation. And whilst it's not quite on the same level of seriousness, anybody who's tried heading to the shops in Brighton on a bank holiday weekend will understand the headache that this entails! However, with a bit of local knowhow, such issues can be overcome. And there is truly nothing better than a long windswept walk by the sea at the height of the off-peak season.

Weather considerations

I'm sure that most people will be more than acquainted with the unpredictable nature of the British weather. But it seems that coastal areas do feel the extremes of our weather systems more than most. Although a brief walk in a storm can be somewhat exhilarating, when in our homes, it's essential for all coast-dwellers to be prepared for any weather extremity. The south coast is particularly susceptible to strong winds, and that's why it's always a good idea to make sure that you block any gaps in any window or door frames. And similarly, Brighton Council have a handy checklist for dealing with condensation and damp in coastal areas. Because many coastal homes can be somewhat small, they can also provide a few issues when it comes to heating them properly. Thankfully many companies like Verismart have recently introduced slimline electric radiators that can provide a comfortable level of convenient heat no matter how cramped your surroundings are!

Beach safety

Another thing that few people understand about coastal living is how dangerous the sea can be. Sadly, two young men drowned off the Brighton coast earlier this year. If only a few precautions could be taken, then many senseless accidents could be avoided. A simple look at the NHS's guide to beach safety would avoid a lot of risk, and in doing so would help anyone enjoy the unsurpassed splendour of the Great British coast!
This article was written in collaboration with Lucy Brooks.

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