Monday 27 June 2016

Mia Tui Travel/Changing Bag Review

For the past few months I've been reviewing the stylish Mia Tui Changing/Travel Bag. The bag I chose was the Emma Baby bag in tan. The bag comes under both the changing and travel sections on the Mia Tui website, but the changing bag comes with additional accessories, and this is the one I have been reviewing. The bag has been wonderful and I wish I had purchased this when my little one was first born. It’s been very handy as a changing bag and although my son has grown out of nappies I will continue using the bag for travel and days out.

5 Things I love about the Mia Tui Changing/Travel Bag

At the time of choosing the bag I wanted something big enough to put everything in. That included my big DSLR camera, nappies, wet wipes, wallet, notepad, phone, chargers, snacks, a water bottle and possibly my laptop & even space for a change of clothes or my jacket. I wanted to find a good sized bag to take to Amsterdam, to carry on the plane and then around the city or on the back of the buggy. I also wanted to find a bag with a lot of pockets and compartments as I usually throw everything into a big bag without pockets and as a consequence spend ages looking for the thing I need. I didn’t want a huge bag either. I found the Mia Tui Emma bag and it's a perfect size to keep everything in including all the items I've mentioned above. Mia Tui has several different sized bags on their website and there are lots of options, including both smaller and bigger versions of the bag I reviewed and plenty of colours to choose from. My bag's dimensions are W 40cm, D 15cm, H 32cm and for me it’s perfect. It’s big enough to put everything in and still small enough to use as a general handbag. I've included a photo of me with the bag to give a good indication of its size.

Other than its size, the bag is wonderful because it has so many pockets. This is why it's so handy as a changing bag as you can put nappies, wet wipes, phone, changing mat and whatever else you need all in separate pockets. It's easy to keep organised and be able to pick things quickly out the bag when you need them, always handy when you have little ones to look after! Inside the bag, at each end, there are two insulated bottle holders. There is a key clip, so you don't have to look for your keys hidden at the bottom of the bag. There's a separate pocket for your phone and another holder for pens. The pockets are big enough for iPads, Kindles and Tablets. The bag also comes with a bigger shoulder bag. I've only used the bigger strap once and found the smaller straps a perfect size to put over and carry it on my shoulders (shown in the first photo).

The bag comes with a great compact changing mat that I used a few times in Amsterdam and many times at home. It comes with buggy clips which easily attach to the bag and around any buggy (see photo below). One clear internal bag with a hand strap is included in the bag and slots perfectly into one of the side pockets of the bag. This is ideal for putting all of your liquids/cosmetics in and using it as the clear bag you take on a plane or just a toiletry/cosmetic bag for carrying around town. Another advantage is the bag comes with its own matching clutch bag with the wrist strap as well as a shoulder strap. This bag is great and I've taken it out individually. There's enough space to put a wallet, phone and keys and it's great for nursery pick up/school run or going somewhere when you only need to take the essentials. Actually it's great for a night out! The travel version comes with all of the items I have mentioned except the changing mat and buggy clips.

At the time of writing, the changing bag version is currently on sale, reduced from £65 at £55.99 and the travel bag version is £55. I think the bag is a very reasonable price, considering its size, materials and pockets and feeling and looking more expensive than it is.

The bag is made from ultra soft faux leather and is waterproof both in and out! I’ve been stuck in the rain many times with the bag, even in a downpour and I can safely say the bag is as waterproof as you can get!

Other than all the points I've mentioned the bag is so versatile. I’ve taken it as carry on luggage on the plane to Amsterdam and carried it around in the city as well as the countryside. I should say I did search online for quite a while for a suitable changing/travel bag and I approached Mia Tui to review the bag (instead of a brand asking me to carry out a review which usually happens). Perhaps for these reasons, I honestly cannot think of any downsides. If I had to mention anything it would be that carrying this type of bag on your shoulders all day can make your shoulders/back ache but that would be the same for any shoulder bag and not a fault of the bag itself. If you’re looking for a handy & stylish changing or travel bag I would definitely recommend Mia Tui.

Thanks to Mia Tui for sending me this bag for the purpose of the review. All words and opinions are my own.

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  1. What a gorgeous changing bag. I love that it looks more like a handbag then an actual baby changing bag. Xx

  2. That bag is gorgeous and it doesn't look like a change bag at all. Love the colour! x

  3. That is a BIG bag...I've got to say I don't miss carrying all that stuff anymore...

  4. I love roomy bags. I am very often hauling around my DSLR, computers, cords, books as well as all the essentials like my wallet. I'm impressed whenever a big bag can be beautiful, organized and hold all my stuff. Good find!

  5. This looks like the mother of a Mommy bags. i love that it is stylish and roomy - it doesn't scream out diapers here, but works perfectly for diaper changes! Good recommendation.

  6. This is such a great looking bag! With great price tag too! I really like how it fit perfectly on the buggy. I want one too! :) Thank you for hosting. x

  7. That' a great sized bag, and so good looking too. I was really surprised to see such a resonable price. #MyFavouriteTrip


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