Thursday 24 March 2016

A Weekend in Dorset

Last weekend I took my little (big) toddler on the train to Dorset. We did the six hour round trip by train from Brighton and met friends and other kiddies once there. The train ride went surprisingly well as toddler was asleep for half of the journey and the rest of the time we played with his sticker book, spotted things out of the window and ate snacks! The highlights of the train ride were going through the sparse woodland of the New Forest and along some beautiful scenic harbours.

We arrived, met friends and caught a ride to get some afternoon tea, as you do :-) Yum yum! The weather was cold and a bit dull unfortunately. But we managed to see some of the sights. That included a visit to Durdle Door. It is a natural limestone arch on a beautiful part of coastline known at the 'Jurassic Coast', a World Heritage Site, with 180 million years of geological history. Next to Durdle Door is a gorgeous bay, where I swam years ago, and a beautiful sandy beach with views of the cliffs along the coast.

I have been to Durdle Door several times, all pre-baby, and had forgotten how steep it is and how the path is literally on the cliff's edge, some parts without a barrier. I don't think I've ever held my son's hand so tight! He was such a good boy though, walking so calmly next to me and holding my hand with me on the outside! We all walked down to the main viewing point to see the rock formation and take some photos. It is a stunning area and always a lovely calm atmosphere. We didn't climb down to the beach or bay because the steps are too steep for little ones but it is a beautiful place to visit just for the view.

We found an apartment on the Isle of Portland (south of Weymouth) with Airbnb. This was actually the first time I've ever stayed in an Airbnb property and with lots of people and kids it definitely makes sense. The place was huge so lots of running/activity space for the kids and a nice way for the adults to chat and hang out! It had a balcony with lovely sea views that would be a great dining place in summer but it was too cold to use on the night we were there. It was lovely waking up with a view of the sea though.

The next day we drove about 40 minutes to Studland beach. It's a beautiful sandy beach but it was absolutely freezing and very windy! We stayed there for about five minutes before it became too much so did a little Easter egg hunt in some nearby woodland instead. 

We then went to have a delicious lunch in a restaurant overlooking the sea. Then it was time to come back home! We managed to do quite a bit in the end but at the same time the weekend whizzed by. I would love to return in the summer when the weather is a bit nicer, can't wait for the long summer days again. This trip will count towards my #take12trips challenge, taking a trip each month. Next month we are off to Amsterdam, exciting! I'm also linking up with my own travel linky #MyFavouriteTrip

Have you visited this part of Dorset? Where did you go?

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  1. Those views are breathtaking. Great pictures.

  2. Durdle Door sounds like something off Harry Potter, but looks gorgeous. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos of the little holiday - I've never been that far along the south coast so it's great to live vicariously!

  3. What a lovely scenery! I have to say I am very impressed with the six hour trip. Bow down to you. I don't think I can cope that long - never mind the kids! haha - I have never heard of Airbnb property before. I will need to look that up. Thank you for sharing and hosting too. :) x

  4. Oh that looks so beautiful but it sure looks cold and windy! I have never tried Airbnb before, I wonder if they are great for travelers in Australia :)
    Sure sounds like your train trip was ideal with little one sleeping, snacking, looking at his sticker book and out the window!

  5. Oh such lovely photos, that looks like a really lovely place to go exploring #thelist

  6. This is very near where I lived as a teenager and where my parents still live - I love Durdle Door and Lulworth Cove! #thelist


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