Saturday 12 December 2015

Three Amazing New Children's Books from Parragon

I'm delighted to announce that I'm a new Parragon Book Buddy! Since meeting the Parragon team at the Britmums Live Conference in June and being introduced to their beautiful range of children's books, I was invited to become a regular book buddy. It's very exciting and we have been receiving a new book each month. Although my little boy has just turned two and a half I decided to choose the 3-7 age range as I thought that would be more appropriate for his reading level. Here are my reviews of the latest children's books from Parragon. 

Spot A Lot Vehicles Book and Jigsaw Pack 

The first book to arrive could not have been a better choice since toddler loves anything that moves or is on wheels. I have always been keen to avoid any type of gender stereotyping when it comes to toys however, he has naturally gravitated towards cars, trucks, trains, planes, helicopters, fire engines, his toy buggy, his scooter and anything else with wheels on. Since he was a few months old he has been fascinated by wheels and it has continued up until today! Coincidently, I was actually looking for a book with vehicles in it since he loves spotting all of these things whenever we leave the house. Therefore, this book was a perfect choice for us. The book includes every type of vehicle you can imagine; cars, buses, helicopters, diggers planes, motorbikes, trains, submarines, and more. You name it, this book has it! The story flows really well, with rhyming lines and each page is filled with vibrant colour and activity. The book tells a story about a delivery man who has to travel across town to deliver a parcel. Each page is not only filled with vehicles, but also animals and people. As well as spotting vehicles this is a great book to use for counting and naming different colours. You can easily spend several minutes on each page. Needless to say my little boy has loved it! 

The bonus is that this book came part of the Spot A Lot Vehicles set with a matching jigsaw. This has been toddler's first real jigsaw and he has mastered the art of putting it together (with a little help). The other side of the jigsaw is left blank with just outlines of vehicles for your little one to colours in. How clever is that? The box and jigsaw come in a very handy and convenient box complete with a handle and velcro fastening, ideal for little hands and perfect to carry around and take away on trips. This is by far one of the most exciting books we have read!  Toddler loves it and I really enjoy reading this book too. I could not recommend this book & set highly enough. I'm certain any toddler/child would love this especially those that already love spotting vehicles! 

Pumpkins, Pumpkins Everywhere

In line with Halloween we received this beautifully illustrated book, written by Smriti Prasadam-Halls and Lorena Alvarez, about the adventure of four little trick or treaters on their journey to the pumpkin parade. This is the first Halloween book I've read to my little boy and I'm so glad we received it. It's funny how much kids absorb and from the first time of reading this book toddler was already repeating the story and spotting pumpkins whenever we saw them outside. I did feel the content was a little sparse at the beginning of the book with just a couple of words on each page. These words were relating to emotions such as 'pumpkin happy, pumpkin sad' so for a two and a half year old this is benefical as he's just learning about emotions however, I feel an older child might find it a little basic. The sentences do pick up though and I did love the lovely rhymes in this book. One of the best things is that this book benefits from beautiful illustrations showing an idyllic scene of trick or treating and ending with a fantastic pumpkin parade at the end. Wow, I wish there was a parade like this in real life! Although Halloween has come and gone this is still regular bedtime reading and it's nice to read a seasonal book all year round. 

Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen

This is a hardback edition of a collection of fairy tales written by famous Danish author Hans Christian Andersen. The gorgeous book includes eight of his most famous stories including the Little Mermaid, The Snow Queen, The Ugly Duckling and The Princess and the Pea. Every single page of this 192 page book is filled with a colourful illustrations so reading it is a delight. This book is recommended for 6+ years so the content is too long for a toddler but I think he'll love this book in the future. I'm really looking forward to reading him these true classics and until then I can read them myself :) I love that by having children you get to rediscover so much of your own childhood again. I'm especially looking forward to reading the Little Mermaid and the Ugly Duckling which were some of my childhood favourites. 

Do you like the sound of any of these books? What are you reading to your little one?

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