Wednesday 23 December 2015

Heirloom Toys for Toddlers

Do you have heirlooms in your family? I don't remember anything being given to me as an heirloom however, I did get many toys handed down to me from my siblings, being the youngest of four. I think Scalextric was probably the most exciting thing and I'm sure my little boy will love it when he is older, especially as he loves trains and anything on wheels. One of my favourite toys was the Tiny Tears doll! What a novelty it was to give milk in a bottle to your doll and be able to change her nappy when she wet herself! I actually still have Tiny Tears and gave her to toddler when he was smaller but he hasn't shown much interest! Instead, he likes cuddly toys, Lego, animals and, of course, any vehicle toy. He has a large collection of cars and buses but not so many trains. So when I was asked what would make a good heirloom I instantly thought of trains, especially as he loves Thomas the Tank Engine at the moment. Scalextric is too advanced for him at the moment so I have chosen something more age appropriate for a two and half year old. These will go towards his Christmas presents and I'm sure he'll love them all :) 

Wooden Train Set 

I've had my eye of this wooden train set from John Lewis for ages and as toddler plays with any train set at play group I bet/hope this will keep him entertained for hours. 

My Push and Learn Thomas

I was looking for something related to Thomas but not just a single train. My Push and Learn Thomas from Asda seems ideal as it comes with a choice of buttons for numbers, colours, shapes, characters and there is an option for playing a quiz. I'll let you know how he gets on but I think he'll be excited just to see this big version of Thomas! 

LEGO Duplo Number Train 

Toddler has a whole set of lego at home and he loves building towers. He doesn't have any Lego trains and when I saw this Duplo Number Train at Asda, for ages 2-5, I thought he'd love it. 

So he may get an overload of trains this Christmas but these will keep him entertained for a long while I'm sure! I think these are lovely toys to pass down too. 

Do you have heirloom toys in the your family? What would you pass down?

Please note: This is a collaborative post. All words and opinions are my own 

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