Monday 5 October 2015

My Kitchen Wish List

Kitchens are the hub of every home and we spend a lot of time in ours! As well as eating together I love sitting down at the kitchen table with a cuppa, reading the newspaper or catching up with blogging on my laptop. It overlooks some of the garden and as it's west facing gets all of the afternoon sun. I do like my kitchen, but it's not the most up to date room and I would love to make little improvements here and there with a limited budget. Here's my Kitchen wish list. 

© Image Source: Ikea 

1. Art Work
I love colour & images as you can probably tell from my blog! There are paintings, posters and photos all around the house. But in the kitchen it's a little bare. Framed prints can make such a big difference to a room, making it appear bigger, lighter, more colourful and adding a personal touch of character. I like these city prints from Ikea which would look great in the kitchen and have also been meaning to print some of my photographs onto canvas!

2. The Slow Cooker
I do enjoy cooking but with a toddler with a big appetite who doesn't like waiting too long I tend to make dinner when he's napping earlier in the day or something really quick in the evening. So many friends have raved about a slow cooker and I must admit I always thought a slow cooker was similar to an oven with an equally high cost. It wasn't until recently that I realised (duh!) that you can buy slow cookers for as little as ten pounds. Imagine waking up and having that day's dinner ready before you've even got out of bed! The slow cooker seems like such a convenient piece of equipment and I like the fact you can throw ingredients into the pot in the morning, go out all day and return home to have dinner ready! As a parent this is very appealing! Slow cookers are particularly useful for making soups, stews, curries and casseroles. Here's some vegetarian recipes ideas for slow cookers. 

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3. Herb & Spice Rack
I've always loved the look of herb and spice racks, brimming with exotic flavours and bright colours. I have a wooden one on display and another that I bought in a charity shop years ago that is still in the cupboard. My idea (like many ideas that I have haha) was to paint them and hang them on the wall. I sometimes forget about all the spices in the cupboards, collections from the Middle East and India. I make curries and spicy dishes every so often and seeing all the herbs & spices would bring some inspiration to those evening dishes. I will make this a little project for myself!

4. Updating Kitchen Appliances
I've written previously on what factors would contribute to my Ideal Kitchen. I would still love to add some tiles to the room and paint the cabinets. The fridge and washing machine are relatively new but the oven is on its last legs. The cost of buying a new one has been putting me off but you can search for somewhere reasonable like Tesco where ovens start at under £200.

© Image by decor8 holly used under the Creative Commons license

5. The Smeg Fridge
We have a newish fridge and I don't have much budget for upgrading the kitchen. However if I ever won the lottery (not likely as I never buy a ticket) I'd buy a Smeg fridge. I love the retro appeal and design and think it would also make a huge difference to the feel of the kitchen. I really like the baby blue colour :)

What's your kitchen wish list? Do you have any homely creative projects in the pipeline?

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  1. I love the slow cooker, especially in winter and i love the fact you can cook cake in it

  2. I really need a slow cooker, and wouldn't mind a live in celebrity chef too!

  3. So many of these are my kitchen dreams too - especially the SMEG fridge!! #TheList

    Helen x

  4. Oh I would love a Smeg fridge, they are so pretty! Thanks for linking up to #TheList x

  5. I love the blue Smeg fridge too - where the kids can't open it! haha #TheList


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